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 what can i eat with my braces that I just got?
What can I eat and what cant I eat!!! HELP!!! Also how long will it hurt???...

 braces, then clear retainer??
i go my braces off a year ago and i wore my clear retainer for a while then my teeth started to hurt really bad so i stopped wearing it, i will put it on every once in a while.. anyone ever have this....

 Does gum really stay in your digestive system for seven years if you swallow it?

 What can be done with small gap in front teeth?
I have a thin gap between my two front teeth (approx 1.2mm), and although it doesn't effect me much, I really don't like it and think I'd look much better without it. Can I ask what ...

 How do you get rid of Cavities? in a natural way!?

 does this hurt?
i broke my tooth playing football awhile back and the did a root canal on it. They say if it breaks again, i will get a bridge what is that and does it hurt?...

I have to get braces soon.Do they hurt when you get ...

 "what can a 15 year old do for an absessed tooth...with out going to the dentist until august?"?
seriously...i just need some advice and tips...it taste funny and hurts....

What am i gonna do im gettin a big tooth out and hate the dentist!
please ...

 I'm in the worst pain ever!?
About eleven last night, my right teeth and jaw started hurting. Since this has happened before, I thought it would go away. I was wrong. It's now hurting up into my ear, and the pain is ...

 Whats a good color for braces?
http://www.bracesforagre Heres the site with available list of colors can you give me month planned NO black white or brown.. thnx
EX: march: september:...

 HELP!!!!! I'm getting braces in two days any advice?
ok.... so i'm getting braces on tuesday and i'm really scared anyone that has or has had braces know any good tips or advice?

 i am in so much pain! What to do??
i got my wisdom teeth pulled a month ago now i have a gum infection in that spot and it is so swollen and so painful i am on antibiotocs and i just took 2 ibuprofein and i am icing it but i cant ...

I'm getting braces on thursday. does it hurt having braces?...

 whats the best way to get rid of a tooth ache?
i have a cavity and have to wait 2 weeks until i can get it fixed and i am in serve pain. any suggestions?...

 I was eating dinner and all of a sudden my jaw popped and now it hurts everytime I open my mouth!! What is it?
Has this happened to anyone out there? Pretty much the whole side of my face is aching now and it hurts really bad to open my mouth or move my jaw. What should I do? Will it go away on it's ...

 what should i do to stop my braces from hurting ?
I have had both top and bottom braces put in today . . . they killl . . . can you help me out and tell me how to ease the pain :'( please help me asap! taa :D...

 is it possible to have surgery on my mouth and throat to have them widened enough to swallow a girl whole?

 should i need to smoke a cigarette after having my wisdom teeth extracted, what is the best way to do so?
i have to smoke a cigarette, and i am wondering what is the best way to ensure this not causing dry socket. What about if I secured the openings with gauze and bit down on the gauze while inhaling? I ...

 Flouride is Toxic, how many of you knew this?

Is it possible to kill your taste buds?

eat a dirty butt

i guess so but i don't know how.


i think to much salt can kill them, if you have a line going down your toung then you eat to much salt..

james ian h
a very hot watah....

I think so. Some one I know can not taste any food flavor except hot spicy. He thinks his taste buds were killed from eating very hot spicy food. Another person I know can not taste any spicy flavors except very salty, her taste buds must be dead from very salty food.

hahahaha this one is killin me...ummmmm not sure..perhaps if you use sand paper?

uhh if you burn them off

eyah it is...people do it when they smoke

Yes, smoking, abusing drugs of any kind (cocaine, prescription, etc.) and head trauma of any kind can affect your taste buds.

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