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Is it normal for for your teeth to feel like they are falling off after you get braces?
mine feel like they are going to fall off is there any way to get rid of this feeling

I no exactly how you feel, when i get mine tightened it feels like my teeth are going to snap out!! panadol can help, but you will find after 2 or 3 days its all good again.. bonjela also is very help full if they are giving you olsers (how ever you spell it)

xx hope i could help

Wait. LOL. it happens to everyone. XD

jahiem j
oh my I remember that feeling. It will go away in a few day once your teeth and gums adjust to the braces good luck

★baby you belong with me♫
yes its normal, its coz all ur teeth are loose as they are moving
not really anything can get rid of it, u can take pain killers for the pain bt part from tht u jst gta give it a few days to get better :-)

you dont
itll be okay its your mouth being contracted from the constant pressure that is now on it and wasnt before

Dog Owner of 2
perfectly normal. weird I know, but normal.

yeah - it's because the braces make your gums really sore, so they are really sensitive. Don't worry about it - it's normal, and will be gone within a few days.

Hope this helps, good luck!!

Yes, it's normal.

It will go away in about three to four days.

You're not use to the constant pressure braces put on your teeth yet.

It feels like all that's holding your teeth together is the braces.

Yup. Mine totally felt like that when I got mine on and off. weird I know. But it should be normal in a couple of days.

item jamir
it is due to the pressure on the teeth by the braces but it will become lesser in afew days.
it is normal.

Yeah, it will feel like that. Your teeth are loose. In a week or so you will wiggle your teeth and be like OMG MY ADULT TEETH ARE LOOSE! I was, and I was afraid they would just fall out. But its suppost to do that. ha :] No way to get rid of it, just wait and u will get used to it and your teeth will strenghten (until you get em tightened)

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