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 how do you use a waterpik without water splattering everywhere?
I just got braces and heard the waterpik is wonderful, but it splatters water everywhere. what's the answer?...

 8 cavities?!?
i now have 8 cavaties in my teeth, one very deep aparently. i have one on my front tooth and another on the front of the one 2 down.

the dentist said that i should stop drinking coke and ...

 Best teeth whitener besides a dentist...guaranteed 10 pts...?
I have looked into a few. Which whitener have you had the best success with while having very little sensitivity....

 where do you buy hydrogen peroxide?
i want to whiten my teeth where do i get hydrogen peroxide from, how much $ and what does it do?


 I ran out of floss, what's a good alternative??
I'm not going to the store for two days or so, what else could I use for floss??


 wisdom teeth removal?
so... my question is this - my wisdom teeth have been bugging me for YEARS, but have never quite broken through my gums until now... of course, now the problem is, i have a 4 month old baby who is ...

 what happens when you chew tabbacco?
what are the effects and how does it make you feel?...

 Dentist or Optimetrist? Which is better?

 teeth whiting?
does anyone one no which one is best am thinkin of gettin either zoom or the kit u take home an wear over night which works best??...

 ANYONE IN OR AROUND EAGAN MN! were should i go to get affordable braces?

 Dental night guard works as a retainer?
Hi! I am still waiting for my retainer so my dentist gave me a dental night guard in silicone to use every night (that has this little spaces to put the teeth). However, I'm still worried that ...

 i have a hole in the bottom of my tooth, but its not a cavity. It goes straight to the gums.?
What will the doctors do about this, also it is uncomfortable, will the discomfort go away after it the gums there get used to being exposed. It hurts to chew in that area....

 Why are you supposed to use Anbesol only a few times a day?
My husband has an awful toothache and the Anbesol (liquid) works great.. for about 10 minutes. What's the worst that will happen by using it more often than recommended?...

 I just came back from the dentist...he keeps telling me that i need a deep cleaning in my gums?
Anyone else have this...did you have it done? did it help the problem or are we just looking at another way of racking up a bill?...

 What kind of braces are these (pic)?
My lips look chapped :[ Oh well, I just want to know what kind of braces I have. Thanks! ^-^...

 How do I relieve tooth pain without seeing a dentist?
My tooth is chipped, so I know that's why it hurts, but it only hurts if I use it to chew. I really don't want to have to see a dentist, so what can I do to get rid of the pain? The pain ...

 How can I whiten my teeth?
So far ive tried those white strips and they don't seem to stay on, ive tried a gel that you put in a mouth piece, which burned my gums. Is their some other product....

 Just curious, all those of you who have had a difficult dental extraction (tooth pulled)...?
How long did you have pain for? I am going on 8 days now and still having significant pain. I saw my dentist and he said it was healing nicely and would hurt a couple more days-that was 4 days ago. I ...

 Any advice for braces?
ok well i was wondering a couple things about braces

1) how long did you have them on VS how long they TOLD you youd have them on

2) i have had mine for 13 months, and they say ...

 Question about bad breath. Dentists please?
1.) People say use mouthwash to help bad breath, but I also heard that mouth wash with alcohol can make it worse because it dries out your mouth. So is mouth wash good or bad?
2.) What foods ...

Melanie C
I just got my wisdom teeth out, how do I prevent swelling?

Take a bunch of ice cubes out of your freezer and put them in ziploc lunch baggies...break them up a bit with maybe a hammer and place them on your cheeks on BOTH SIDES... this will help with the paind AND the swelling

To be honest, you cant. You can not prevent your mouth from swelling up after geting your teeth pulled because of the trauma your mouth just went through. You can try to subside the pain by taking the meds they prescribed for you. Hope You Feel Better

Jamie x Jackass
Just follow all the information your dentist should have given you, and it should help.

kαч ♪ ∂уиαмιтє ωιтн α ℓαzєя вєαм
try teag bags, put them where your wisdom teeth were cut out. or put ice on your mouth.

Don't put the baggies of crushed ice directly on your skin; place a wash cloth on your skin. You can also use frozen peas (broken loose so they are flexible) instead of baggies of crushed ice. Keep your head elevated, even in bed; use a number of pillows to be sure you don't lay down flat. I'm sure the written instructions have mentioned this but don't take aspirin. You may even have bruising later; that varies in people. Take it easy and you'll feel better soon.

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