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I just got a cavity filled, my tooth hurts like crazy...?
What can I take for the pain, that is safe to take when your pregnant?

Call your dentist, he will most likely want to see you. There are a number of reasons why you are feeling pain. Ibuprofen (motrin) is the best thing to take because it reduces inflammation as well as relieves the pain, but check with your ob/gyn to see what dose is appropriate for you. Good luck!

you should go back to the dentist and have them ck your bite,the filling may be sitting high and need to be adjust, this may relieve the pain. I took tylenol during all 4 pregnancies

If your tooth hurts so bad maybe your Dentist did not use a linning before he placed the filling which protects the root from from the metal filling or the chemical irritation from a white one. it may result in a root treatment this happened to my husband.

A good pharmacy will offer several over the counter topical products. As I understand you do not want to take something that "may" harm the baby. Here are some that I have used with varying degrees of relief: Polaris poultice - a nasty tasting pad about 1/4 size of a tea bag filled with herbs that will ease pain and reduce any swelling. Numb-zit - a paste used on the gum of babies while they cut teeth. It provides temporary relief by numbing the gum line. Oil of cloves - simply an oil extract from cloves, but very powerful. Warning: only put this oil where it really hurts! I used this directly to an open nerve to deaden the pain after splitting a molar in half while eating popcorn. You may find oil of peppermint, spearmint, and others too.

Pain medications that are safe for you to take when pregnant depend on how far along you are. Definitely call your ob/gyn and ask them before taking anything. Even over the counter gels that you can put directly on the tooth could harm your baby so don't take any chances. Now, as far as the pain is concerned. Sometimes it takes a few hours after dental work for the pain to go away, because the nerves have been touched and they are still "reverberating". If the pain doesn't subside, it may mean that you need a root canal but that will be up to the dentist to decide. If you call the dentist and ask for advice on how to handle the pain, make sure they know you are pregnant. Good luck - I know how painful teeth can be - hope you feel better soon.

Margaret C
ask a pharmacist or your dentist. don't take any chances on recommendations from people you don't know.

You may need a root canal.

not much............. sorry


You may need a root canal.

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