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I have developed a dry socket after having wisdom teeth pulled. Is anbesol ok to use.?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled four days ago and now I am on vacation. Before I left my dentist packed one of my extractions because of a dry socket with some gause with clove oil and other medicated stuff on it. I have run out of the extra dressings that he gave me. Someone told me to use gause mositened with a little water and some anbesol. The anbesol contains medicines that are for pain, swelling, and bacteria. Does this sound o.k. I have also been rinsing my mouth with warm salt water three times a day. Does anyone know how long it takes for a dry socket to go away.

You need to return to the dentist that removed the wisdom teeth... a special medicated gauze will need to be packed into the socket in order for it to heal.

About 3-4 weeks sometimes longer. Don't smoke

Lisa Marie
it could have dry socketed because you are rinsing, yes ambesol is safe to use, Honestly when I got mine pulled one of them dry socketed and I returned to the dentist they did nothing but give me more pain killers I think it was tylenol 3 and he said it would heal. The pain went away about a week later. Technically it healed but I still have the hole there 7 years later.

PMS 24-7
Go to the dentist as soon as possible because you need treatment. Once you get the treatment, the dry socket will feel better immediately. Don't suffer. You don't have to!

it will take away the pain temporarily you need to go back to the dentist for dry socket treatment, it does not go away on its own!

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