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 Should I have overbite jaw surgery?
I'm in a dilemma here. I'm 30 years old, and I have an extreme overbite and slight crossbite since childhood. I've had braces, but paid all of that money for nothing because it didn...

So I've had top braces on for about 3 months now and I just got my bottom braces on 2 days ago and they hurt so bad! My whole lip is cut up and swollen, not to mention the fact that my teeth ...

 Problem with tooth filling?
I got an amalgam filling today at the dentist and went home and fell asleep afterwards. I woke up to pain and saw that there were a few little flecks of silver opposite (bottom) to the tooth I had ...

 After getting braces how long before teeth appear striaght?

 Why are my gums bleeding so much?
I'm 35, my gums started bleeding a bit after brushing a year ago and it's been getting progressively worse as time has gone by. I brush my teeth twice a day, i don't eat sweets or ...

 How do I reverse tooth decay and bad breath? serious answers only?
My teeth have decayed some and my teeth have turned yellow. My diet and lack of oral hygeine has contributed to my bad teeth and breath but i find that no matter how much i brush the bad breath ...

 Just got my wisdom teeth out..when will I be normal again?
I just got 4 impacted wisdom teeth out yesterday, no bleeding so far (although they said it bled a lot during the procedure). I'm not a fan of medication so I'm not taking the painkillers ...

 Braces have caused huge problem?
I just got my braces removed and my incisors are big...no humungous! I hate it. I think the braces caused the gum to wear off or maybe become bigger. I don't think it is my gum because my ...

 R spacers really for braces ? ?

 How soon can I play basketball after getting braces?
I'm getting braces on Monday and I have basketball practice on Tuesday and a basketball game on wednesday day. So would I be okay to play....

 Do you think i should get a brace? Pics inside!?
Hi everyone, just wondering what your opinions are on my teeth...

At the moment im undergoing a "six month smile" for my top set of teeth, it has cost me just over 2 grand so as ...

 why do people like 2 chew gum?
cuz people like 2 chew gum cuz there breath and other thing dat tey like 2 che it 4 it dnt make sense i noe but its fun chewin ...

 What is Novacaine and why do dentist use it?
Also what if they give you a shot of it and someone in your family is allergic to it?...

 Can a tooth infection cause fluid in my ear? I'm not sure anymore if the problem is my tooth or ear.?
My tooth is sore to touch. I've had a root canal and a retreatment which was about 3 weeks ago. I now have pain again and it feels like I have fluid in my ear and a lump inside my neck beneath ...

 Black bits in tooth, Start of a cavity, How long till i get's worse?
I've made a dentist appointment for 25'th January their all booked up so that's when i could get it for after school No i will not ask them if i can have it early because well it just ...

 Wisdom Tooth? Lump in mouth?
Hi at the back of my top row of my teeth on the left hand side i have a painless lump but not on the base of my jaw but on the outside/side of it. Its hard and painless, doesnt move if i try to move ...

 Is it safe to use a banana peel to whiten teeth?
I heard it works really well to rub the inside of a banana peel on teeth to make them whiter. Is it okay to use if I have some decalcification on my teeth?...

 I got all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday?
Would it be okay to try and eat mac and cheese?

basically, i've only ate mashed potatoes, soup with the chicken/noodles/vegetables put through the food processor, oat meal and pudding....

 Need a dentist answer now?
Hi I am a dental student ….and I am confused about the positions of the operator on dental chair.
I read on text books that there are 4 positions which are 7 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 11 ...

 I have mouth ulcers why? need help!!!?
Been getting a few mouth ulcers and i don't know why they are only on the inside of my bottom lip they sometimes hurt its been like this around a week there is 2 why do i have them and what too ...

I have a hole in my tooth...?
I have a little indentation in my right k9. it doesnt hurt, and it doesnt look like a cavity, meaning none of the blackish stuff.. It's been there for a while though, hasnt gotten worse. Its towards the top of my gumline but there is still tooth above it, it doesnt go very far in either. My question is, would i need to get a filling and if so would they drill? (bad experiance from before, the dentist didnt numb me and im scared of needles around my mouth) Or would they give me something to help if its just enamel?

Actually it just sounds like you might have some recession of your gum tissue (possible from brushing a little too hard) the tooth above it is most likely the root of your tooth. Make sure you're using a soft bristle brush and that you are not brushing too hard or too vigorously. You can go for a consult at your dentist and find out. Just because you go, doesn't mean you have to get treatment if you don't want to, but at least you would know for sure.

I have one in my tooth, and my dentist never says anything about it, so I assume its nothing.

Teresa K
You should really have it checked out, but for now, utilize a rinse with fluoride in it, like Act.

It might be tooth brush abrasion or an abfraction. Tooth brush abrasion in normally found on more than one tooth and it's simply from brushing hard. An abfraction is a little different. In a nut shell, when we put pressure on our teeth it can cause the tooth to flex a little causing tiny microns of enamel to flake off which cause a groove or indention near the gum line. It's some what normal but if it bothers you your dentist can put a composite filling in that's tooth colored but the same thing will happen to the filling. I assume most dentists would numb you unless there is a root canal on the tooth. Next time you see your dentist mention it and get their perspective. Most of the time if you can live with it then it's no big deal.

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