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 How much does invisalign express normally cost?
I'm thinking about getting them in feb. I also live in chicago....

 UNBEARABLE Sharp Pain In Back Tooth!!!!!?
Ok, so im 15, i had train track braces removed about a month or 2 ago, and i wear plastic retainers every night, as required after braces. I began having a pain on the bottom left back of my mouth, ...

 Permanent tooth removed, now what?
I'm 16, and I just had one of my permanent teeth removed this morning. I've been experiencing excessive bleeding for 2 hours or so after the tooth extraction and I've managed to stop ...

 Adult dental orthodontics?
My dental insurance does not cover orthodontics. I am 26 years old in the USA. Know of any good and affordable dental / ortho insurances that will cover braces/invisalign for adults?...

 How to get rid of canker sore pains. help please!?
so today is xmas eve an were going out to eat later an i have bad canker sores on the right an left bottom gums so its really hard for me to eat even talk to ive been rinsing with salt water the ...

 what happens if the glow in dark bracelet liquid goes in your mouth?

 Wisdom teeth pain. Help?
My wisdom teeth have been killing me for about a week now, and I can't get it to stop. I've tried everything.
But it will be a while until I can get my wisdom teeth pulled since I'...

 What do you think of my teeth?
Would you consider them to be squint etc?
I hate my teeth. First one is a webcam shot so they look okay but second one is from a bad angle and third is just a general view.

 What is good for a mouth that is very dry at night?

 I have gapped teeth.?
I'm 14 and I still have baby teeth.
I also have gaps in between my teeth.
is there a way that when my baby teeth fall out and the permanent come in it will join my teeth together.

 does every dentist use white for fillings now?
or do some still use the other ...

 Can anyone tell me about getting my wisdom teeth out?
The oral surgeon I'm seeing to expose my impacted tooth is going to remove my top wisdom teeth at the same time. I was just curious about how bad the pain would be and how the surgery would go. A...

 I got a popcorn kernel stuck in my gum's?
I was just eating some popcorn and a kernel got stuck in my teeth, i obsessed over it for hours until my gum's bled, i got a piece out but i still feel something.Could it be my gum's ...

 should i have my fillings replaced with more amalgam or gold?
i am 35 and i have had over 18 fillings, all amalgam. ive had the majority of my dental work done at 17 and my dentist wants to review my fillings as well as give me 4 root canals in my front teeth. ...

 What can I eat after getting my wisdom teeth out?
no citrus right?
so basically i dont want to keep drinking liquids, I would also like to have some real food. I heard that yogurt and pudding -----> and milkshakes/smoothies are really good, ...

 painless way to pull out a tooth?
my tooth is killing me. its loose and im a wimp for pain:)

 Canine tooth loose. Baby, permanent, help?
My top right canine tooth is loose and my baby molar next to it is a horrific tooth (cracked, hollow, swelling-ish on top,) and im afraid my canine got shifted or something by that tooth. Is my ...

 How was your braces experience? How long did you have them on for?
Lol. I need to vent a little bit! EVERYONE has braces lately, it's become quite popular.. I got mine on 2 years ago.. and all my friends are getting theirs off before me when they went on after ...

 Can I Choke On A Tooth?
I have a really loose tooth and I push on my teeth in my sleep. If it would fall out and id swallow it would i choke???...

 Teeth question! helpp with braces :P?
well my orth told mee he needs to make space for my front tooth to be pushed forward..which probably means i need an expander?
im scared cuz idk how big of a gap it makes! i dont want a huge gap ...

How much can dentist raise teeth ?
Like through braces how much could dentist raise somebody's teeth if their teeth are kinda low with gum showing and they want their teeth raised.

There is no specific answer. It varies from person to person, depending on your teeth, your gums, your jaw, your dental history.

Maybe a little, maybe a lot...

The only way you will get an answer is to go see an orthodontist and have them examine your mouth and tell you what they can do for you.

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