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 i have bad teeth and am getting ready for dentures?
i have had bad teeth for sometime now and have been putting off dentures-until a week ago when i woke up with an adcessed tooth! this was by far the worst pain i have ever had so i decided it was ...

 Can a dentist refuse you needed treatment because you dont brush your teeth as often as you should?
I have a 6 month old son, So my teeth cleaning regime has lapsed a lot as all of my time has been given to him, BUT when i went to the dentist (in the uk ), She said that i needed a crown, BUT unless ...

 Please help me, periodontal disease?
My periodontal disease is coming back, Should I talk to my doctor? Or should I wait a few days to see if it goes away?...

 Looking for suggestions to ease tooth pain after a whitening session?
After home bleaching kits did not do the trick, I had an in-office whitening session.

I am aware that whitening can cause sensitivity, but I didn't realize it would be this intense. I ...

 How can i make my teeth whiter?
Without having to have my teeth whitened by dentist, or backin soda?...

 are there any alternatives to Porcelain veneers?
just wondering are there any cheeper alternatives to porcelain veneers ?...

 What is the name of the braces that is put behind the teeth ?
I want to have invisalign but the dentist said that i cant do it cuz my teeth needs the typical braces to be able to make it straight. So i want to have other braces that is not visible to the eye so ...

 my lip keeps swelling up {approx once a week stays swallon for up2 24hours}, no teeth pains etc, infection?

 What to do when i cannot wear invisalign?
I am in bangkok and few days ago i went to see a dentist and wanted to wear invisalign but the dentist said that invisalign takes very long to make my teeth straight or even not able to do. So they ...

 I have a cavity in a front tooth. I want a cosmetic fix until I go to the dentist next month.?
I know I need a root canal but I have to wait for my insurance to kick in. It is a brown cavity in the front of my tooth and I work with the public in a clinic. I can't smile at people because ...

 when will my teeth stop hurting (i got braces)?
i just got braces today and my teeth hurt really bad... if anyone can help me with this that would be ...

 I have a sore tooth !!!?
i just recently got braces but im sure this has nothing to do with it..just thought id mention it.. anyways my bottom tooth at the front is very sensitive to the touch and when i brush it ! its been ...

 Where does the stereotype of British people having bad teeth originate?
And why do some people desperately cling to it, even though it's inaccurate?...

 Has anyone ever gotten dentistry work in mexico?
just had a visit to the office and i should get some implants. but if i do they want me to pay them 16,000 dollars............nah no thanks. i hear you can get work done in mexico for a great price ...

 what happens after my braces are off?
do i need to wear something els? or is that it. DETAIL'S PLEASE! thnks
-10 points to best answer
p.s. ive had them for a long time!...

 Can stress cause tooth pain?
During my end of term exams I had a bad tooth pain caused by a impacted wisdom tooth. I'm 15 and I told my mother I was against the removal cause of health complications and stuff like that and ...

 Dental scale and polish, are the results good?
I plan to have a scale and polish procedure done on my teeth. They aren't the worst teeth ever, but they are quite stained, though I brush. Are the results effective?...

 Turmeric to whiten your teeth?
Is it true that chewing turmeric can make your teeth whiter?
How should you do this?

Thanks in advance!...

 What is happening with my teeth?
okay so, i had my wisdom teeth removed and everything went as planned. but now exactly one week after I noted hard things on the front side of my teeth. Its only on the last ones by the gums tho. Is ...

 my teeth are crooked and it makes me insecure...?
my 2 canine teeth on the top are crooked and they stick out, particularly the left tooth. i hate my smile because of them, and my mum and dad wont pay for braces. what can i do to fix it/not make it ...

Caitlin B
How long does it take to extract wisdom teeth?
When I went to the dentist a few months back the dentist told me I should have my wisdom teeth taken out because they are hard to get at and cause a lot of infections... My dads benefits are running out soon so I wanted to get them taken out while I can... I called my dentist and asked about it and they booked me in for a filling and told me to tell the dentist that it's hurting and they will/might pull it right there( due to them not having anything about my wisdom teeth needing to be taken out although the dentist wrote the list of what i need done on a card and that was on it. guess they threw that out?)... I was just wondering how long it would take to pull them... when they did the x-rays and I asked if they were impacted the dentist said that they weren't... My two tops are already out of the gums and my two bottoms are almost coming through.. Also my dad thinks after getting them pulled I'll be able to go back to school (college) the next day, is this true?

This depends upon the level of your impacted tooth inside the bone. and many other factors like, tooth crown is broken or not, tooth is carious or not. off course, carious and broken crown tooth takes more time than other teeth. but in shortly, it depends almost more than 80% on the dentist expertise, that how much time he will take.
you must choose best oral surgeon(who is expert in doing this job) in your area.

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