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 What does it mean when you get xrays a year after you've first gotten your braces?
does that mean my braces are coming off? my teeth are pretty straight and all but one gap are closed....

 Seven days after wisdom tooth extraction, scared about the syringe!!!?
I had 4 removed, all impacted. The right side has healed wonderfully, havent had any pain in 3 days on that side. However, the upper left was close to my sinuses (hurting more then the others), and ...

 Do aboriginies get a discount on braces?
i am aboriginal and i really need braces, my family doesnt exactly have the money to pay the full price so i was wondering if indigenous people can get discounts?...

 If my gum is ichy, does it mean a tooth growing?

 Is it ok to get braces with a cold?
im getting braces tomorrow and i have a bad cold like my nose is all clogged and my throat hurts. i would like to know if its ok to get the braces on. (most of my friends said its fine but i would ...

 What should I do about this piercing toothache (right now)?
I can't get a dentist's appointment until Monday, I have a terrible toothache. It seemed to be getting better until I flossed a couple hours ago, and as soon as it touched the gum it sent ...

 what is a good way to whiten your teeth?

 I want to get braces again, but not over all my teeth. How much will it cost?
I know it would be unreasonable to ask exact price but like an estimate :D

I used to have braces but I got them taken off. I lost my retainers and then my teeth moved!!!! I really hate how ...

 Can i mold a mouthguard when i have braces?
I just got braces today and i need to know if i can mold the mouthguard or not. i already have the underarmor O-flow but i dont know wether i should mold ...

 Medicaid braces? Spacers and braces?
Hi, I just found out that Medicaid is going to cover my braces, and I had a couple questions.

1. What type of braces does Medicaid cover?

I am wondering about the colored ...

 Top molar hurts for 3 days now?
my molar has a big hole and has a cavitiy the other night i was eating nachos and the i hurt my molar with the tip of the nacho i think it went through the hole and now it hurts so bad da pain comes ...

 is this dental malpractice?
I am dealing with a bad infection from tooth 22. It had a root canal last year by my general dentist. I returned 3 times complaining of painand he put me on antibiotics and sent me home saying it ...

 What would happen if I swallowed mouth wash?
like a small half cup of it. Its posionous right? so what are the effects and what should i do about it?...

 Who actually flosses?
I don't.......

 How many cavities do/have you had?
How old are you and how many cavities have you had? Have you ever had one in one of your front teeth? Where, and how do they fix that?...

 Help on my Braces!! Easy 10 points?
My wire keeps poking me and gets stuck in my gum its hurts!! What can i do?/...

 making a mixed drink and my tooth fell into iit?
i still havent drank it ...

 Around how much would Invisalign braces cost for only the top row of teeth? Anyone who had the same situation?

 Have my teeth moved since i got my braces off?
I had to wear my retainer after i got my braces off for 6 weeks. i wore it most of the day for about 2 weeks. then wore it some the last four weeks. I have worn it every night though. My teeth don�...

 Where can i find dental wax for my braces ?
I have damon braces for about 3 weeks . The doctor only gave me 1 strip of wax . It's not enough . My next appointment is on the new year's eve . so does anyone have any idea where i can ...

How long do you have to wait to eat solid food after getting a tooth removed?
3 hours ago I got my baby molar tooth removed (there was no pain) and the numbness is still in my lips. How long do I have to wait before I can eat because I am starving. And when will the pain come?

Dr Akhil
better to eat cold food stuffs rather than hot/warm.
take your medication on time then there will be no pain.
after 24hrs you can have warm/hot food.

Clare W
12 hours!!!!!!!! i know long time but i sugges sorbet it really works if you want to trick you brain into thinking ur eating a filling dessert :)_
goodluck girly

If eatn doesnt bother you... have at it

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