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 Will I be tall because me teeth are big?
My mom and dad are short but my mom comes from a tall family. My dad comes from an average family. My dentist says I will because I have big teeth and that means I will be tall. I checked and my ...

 Teeth.... freaking out. help!!!!!?
So for the last month.. ive been having anxiety attacks cause i keep thinking my teeth are gonna fall out. I brush everyday (usually twice), and dont drink soda or eat candy. They wiggle, but just ...

 corrective jaw surgery, does it hurt?
i have a really bad underbite and ive been offered corrective jaw surgery. Does it hurt while its getting done??? and does it hurt afterwards? how long would you be recovering for?

thats ...

 when can i start to eat normal after wisdom teeth extraction?
i had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out last friday they were all impacted vary badly. since then all i have been eating is mash potatoes, ramen noodles mack and cheese, soft ffruit, frut cups, ...

 does a Palate Expander break your bone?

 How long for Novocaine to where off.?
okay so i had alot i meen alot of teeth filled today and i had alot of needles in my gums,
i went to the dentists around 11:30 thats when he put the needles in my mouth, and them more after, ...

 I want to be a dentist...?
Im a senior and I want to be a dentist and I don't know if I should go to community college and get some credits there or if I should go a university and do pre-dentistry. Help. I totally dont ...

 Next week the dentist will pull out 4 teeth of mine. How long do I have to wait to be able to wear braces?

 Hhow do they put braces in? imight get some and i would realy like to know?

 any one know how to whiten teeth in pictures for free?
i want to whiten my moms teeth in this picture i have of her and me before i put it on facebook but, i need the website to be free....

 How long can you wait to take out wisdom teeth?
I'm pretty sure my wisdom teeth are finally coming up. Just about a week ago I started noticing for the first time the rough outline of a new molars amidst my gums (only the lower teeth so far). ...

 I love making people laugh, its my thing.But I hate my smile! But my fiance loves it! Should I get it fixed?
My teeth are pretty much straight.... except I have these "vampire teeth" that stick out. Like my fang tooth is over my other tooth nd it pops out. I have the same problem up top and the ...

 How could you make your teeth more white?
I notice that my friends teeth are really white lately and mine aren't as clean. Is there some sort of trick i could use because i've been brushing my teeth very cleanly and it hasn't ...

 how long do you think i'll have braces for? (pic included)?
my teeth arent really bad honestly. but i do need them my dentist said, and i'm going next friday too get them on. and im so nervous, and i really hope too get them off for my senior year cus ...

 Wisdom teeth question! Some answers please!?
I just noticed I have a wisdom coming through on the bottom left side of my mouth. My gum was a little swollen and sensitive in that area for a few days and now I felt a tooth with my tongue. The bit ...

 What do the elastics for braces feel like?
I am most likely getting the elastics for my braces later. What do they feel like? I will wear them a lot and take care, but do they hurt? They said I would get them over the summer, and then they ...

 I accidentally kick my friend teeth with my knee?!!?
Well he was bending down when i accidentally kick his side of the cheek with my knee when i was lifting it up. and he was complaining saying it was pain but not shaky .. and after that.. my friend ...

 My brother and I both broke a back tooth last night and don't have insurance. Any suggestions for the pain?
We broke different teeth at different times for different reasons, but neither of us have insurance and we're going through otc pain relievers like crazy. His pain is almost strictly in the ...

 Invisalign for two months, to straighten front two teeth?
Okay, so I wanted to know if I got invisalign just for about two and a half months, just to straighten my two front teeth, would it be worth it? My teeth are straight except the two front one's ...

 What's an efficient way to prevent and get rid of bad breath?

How long do i have to wait to eat food after two cavity fillings?
I just got my bottom right and my top left teeth filled today.
And i got home around 4pm. My dentist said the novicane will ware off around 7pm.
But he didnt say anything about eating. Its 6:30 right now and i was wondering if i can eat. Or will the filling get messed up?
Thankss! :)

Pronky Fruit
you can take fuit juices with out ice

You can eat right away after a filling, but you may bite your lips or tongue from the Novocaine. So, if it's worn off you can start eating.

you should be good to eat if you didn't get a silver filling, those take a few hours or even a day i think to harden. i've gotten the tooth-colored cavities filled before and they harden right after the dentist shined that light on them. but you definitely should wait until the novocain wears off or else you might take a chunk out of your cheek or tongue. if you're really unsure or paranoid, just chew on the opposite side of your fillings

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