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 Stride, 5 or trident?
which one is better?...

 my braces cause one of my big front tooth to be uneven . is it possible to fix that?

 Is it normal for my braces to go slightly over my gum or should I call the orthodontist?
Okay, When I woke up I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I began to floss, I noticed a little piece of what looked like plastic behind one of my braces, so I just figured it was a ...

 what else can whiten teeth besides white strips or bleaching?
i drink a lot of coffee so obviously my teeth are not as white as i would like them to be. But how can i whiten them without giving up coffee? Would Brushing them after every coffee help?...

 Severe Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
I got all four wisdom teeth out on Monday, and it is now the third day and the pain I believe has been getting worse. Is this normal? Most of my friends said that their pain went away on their third ...

 Is this a good routine to clean and whiten my teeth?
I use Listerine Whitening for 1 minute, I brush my teeth with Colgate Pro-Heath in Clean Cinnamon for 2 minutes, I floss for 1 minute after brushing, and I use a normal Listerine for 1 minute after ...

 how do you fix an overbite?
ive had one for my whole life but never really noticed it until last year, and ever since then ive been pretending to not have an overbite by putting my bottom teeth out a little bit more, and i do NO...

 Will putting ice on my braces ease the pain?
I just got braces yesterday and they were fine, i felt no pain at all for most of the day. Now they are killing me! My teeth hurt so badly, will putting ice on them ease the aching? Or are there any ...

 I have an overBite and Abit Crooked Teeth...Help?
Okay so i am 13, and Yes i do have an overbite.. Its Not like The WORST overbite ever but i've notived that my chin is slighty "Gone." And my front teeth are also abit crocked ..Its ...

 What snack can i eat on my first day of braces that wont make my teeth hurt more?

 How to prevent toothbrush fraying?
My problem is that my toothbrush bristles get frayed extremely easily. For instance, I'll have a brush for two weeks, and the bristles are already in bad condition. I usually purchase a medium ...

 Root canal tooth hurts after almost 10 years? What is that suppose to mean?
I had a root canal performed on my tooth when I was only 7 years old. I fell and my nerve got exposed so they performed a root canal. The problem is that now it's been 1 week that it hurts. It�...

 Is my dentist lying to me?
I don’t trust my dentist. He said I have 6 cavities. I can’t believe I have that much of cavities. They can not be more than 3 the most. I think he is lying. He barely showed my X-Ray to me. It ...

 i have these sores at he corner of my mouth they are red sometimes they bleed a bit and sometiimes they get?
dry and flacky does anyone have a suggestion how to get rid of them thanks i have ...

 HELP! Tooth problem! Is it rotten?
Well, on one molar I have a really bad cavity and suddenly it is coming off (The bottom half) I dont really know how to explain it but that one part of my tooth at the bottom is coming off like its a ...

 Crest Whitestrips...?
I've used them before, but always before bed. However I was wondering: If I put the Crest Whitestrips on in the morning, after the 30 minutes waiting period, and once they are off, can I eat? I ...

 what happens if you completly tear your superior labial frenulum from your gums?
ya that little peice of skin between your lips and gums at the top, bled a bit has since ...

 do speed braces hurt like regular braces do ?
im getting speed braces in a couple months . i was just wondering ...... btw , mine cost 6000$$$$$$...

 teethhhhh whiteningggg?
so i got my teeth bleached at the dentist about 2 and a half months ago. they look like natural teeth but i'd like for them to be pearly white. would it do a lot of harm to try the crest white ...

 Should i have invisalign?
i prefer invisalign than braces. but is it better? i really don't want people to see i have braces, i'm already 17. what is the cost. i went to the website and it says the cost is the same ...

How does it feel when your wisdom teeth come in?
Cause i have a very busy dentist. ( which is so annoying, unless its an emergency. ) So i can't see her for 2 weeks. But the back of my mouth hurts a bit. I think my wisdom teeth or coming in. Thats what my dad thinks too.

It does not hurt to have your wisdom teeth and by the way to ooze the pain drink salt with water that will stop it for a while.

it all depends. if they are impacted it may hurt more because there is NOT enough room for them to come straigh or all the way thru.

Mu xxx
It depends. Wisdom teeth go through 'phases' or 'episodes' as my dentist explained to me where they can pop up and down any time they please. Some of these don't hurt very much at all, but later on it can get worse. My wisdom teeth used to do this, and I put up with it for probably two years I think now. Much too long, however I was hoping they would stay put. Then, when I was 21 they popped up again only this time the pain was so bad that I had to take strong painkillers until I could get in to see my dentist (which took almost two weeks like you!!). Anyway, the point is if your dentists recommends getting them out, I say get them out! Once it's done, it's done, and you don't have to worry about them again! Oh and get them all out at once, it's so much easier! :)

Gerry G
its really not that bad just a little tender because your teeth are trying to break through your gums. if it is your wisdom teeth you'll need to get them removed soon. mine came in when i had my braces too and my orthodontist said it would shift my teeth so i had to get them removed within the next few weeks. but it doesn't hurt too bad. just once and a while.

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