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How do you keep your teeth white if you have braces!?!?
i really want to have whiter teeth but I have braces and idk what to do! I brush, use mouth wash, floss, any new ideas?!?!

Lydia Lanker
Just brush well, use mouth wash, and floss at least 2-3 times a day.

i had braces and i just used normal whitening toothpaste n my teeth were whiter and when i got them off there was no color difference . just dont get them bleached with braces . bad idea .

Ms. G.
The only thing can use is a whitening tooth paste. Once they are removed the dentist will polish them. You can get a teeth whitener as well. However, I am not a dentist. Confirm with your dentist.

When I had braces, I was really obsessed with keeping them clean. I had this routine that I would follow and a lot of people noticed the whiteness of my teeth whilst I had braces on.

Brush your teeth three times a day, 5 minutes each.
Morning, After Lunch and before bed.
Brush for 5 minutes instead of 2 as you may not be able to get all bacteria out.
Before bed, I used to brush my teeth for 5 minutes, then after that, I'd use mouthwash (recommend Listerine) to rinse my mouth which I do three times.

This seems little if you think about it but day by day it makes a huge difference.

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