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 Do i need braces? and how bad?
im 15...


So i was eating dinner and I'm a newbe to braces. I bit on a bone and i heard a crunch sound, i ran to my sister because she had braces recently. She said my bracket rotated. Like the glue is ...

 I have a tooth that broke off and it's 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday night!!!What can I do to releive the pain?

 Need help with my braces plz help?
I am switching orthodontist for my braces, i called to make an appointment with the new orthodontist and he says that the fee will be 130 for "the Adjustment of this month" . what does that ...

 How long will this keep my braces on?
My orthodontist told me at my last visit that i was so close to getting them off, and then i showed him how my top four front teeth didnt feel straight even though they looked it. He told me that he ...

 15 years old, getting braces...?
Okay so, I'm getting braces (i'm 15). But before that happens, I have to get spacers.
After, I am getting the expander & braces on at the same time. With the expander, I have to ...

 I have to go to the dentist Monday and Have to get two teeth pulled.It hurts so bad! How can I make it better?
I dont want it to hurt bad, What can I do from gagging and all that....

 How can I make my rotting molars fall out (dentist out of question)?
One on top, one on bottom, 2nd to last teeth (excluding wisdom) Bad neglect when I was a child and its where I hid my gum rom teachers..

Anyway, both only have 1/2 a side of the tooth, so ...

 Why is my gum bleeding?
Just above one of my teeth my gum is bleeding, were the gum and tooth meets. What could be the cause and is it serious....

 Should my teeth be sore after wearing my essix retainer?
I got my braces off 2 days ago on Thursday. I got a permanent retainer on the bottom and a clear retainer to wear on top during nights. So I've worn my retainer dutifully the past 2 nights, and ...

 How long do you have to wait to eat solid food after getting a tooth removed?
Say, hypothetically, I went to the dentist and got my wisdom tooth removed and I'm craving solid food. :D How long, generally, do I have to wait before I can eat solid food, like chicken? 2 Days?...

 Lumps on side of tongue......?
I seem to have lumps/bumbs on the side of my tongue..anyone what it is?

like this http://www.google.co.uk/...

 What kind of a Dentist does Panoramic XRays?

OKAY i want to get 5 but also stride but i can only get 1 witch is the best????????? help choose ive tried the stride but never 5 its because i don't wanna get something that might taste bad ...

 what food will make my throat imdeiately dry?
yeah i have alot of syliva in my mouth and i just want a quick fix for this.... someone suggested eat cinnamon.........

 Can you get cavities on a filling?
After your dentist has filled you tooth decay with a filling, is it possible for another cavity to form on that filling substance?...


 Invisalign or Traditional Braces?
So I have a little gap between my top teeth and my bottom teeth are a bit crooked. I'm trying to decide if I should get invisalign or traditional braces. If you have gotten invisalign please ...

 Question about oral surgery?
About half a year ago, I got braces put on. My orthodontist has never been clear on what exactly is going to happen and what hes going to be doing each month. Either way I had to go through one ...

 Invisalign or metal braces?
Ok, I have a 12 year old daughter who is soon to get braces. Her dentist has given her two chooses invisalign teen braces or traditional metal braces. Her dentist prefers her the invisalign. And yes ...

How do you fix crooked teeth without using braces?
I have crooked teeth but I can't afford for braces, can someone help me?

Underground M
Go to the dangerous neighbourhoods and start yelling out racial slurs. A good buddy will do you a favor.

Nice kick to the mouth.

Jason Turner
The usual method used to straighten teeth is to wear braces. However, you can actually fix teeth without braces.

One method to fix teeth without braces is with Invisalign or invisible braces. It uses a series of retainer-type mouthpieces which shape your teeth. This method is best for those who have minor teeth misalignment only.

Another method available is to have veneers applied to your teeth. Veneers will instantly give you a perfect smile minus all the pain of actual teeth straightening.....

(¯`· SEN ·´¯)
there r few options to fix ur crooked teeth..

basically first, the degree of crookedness got to be analysed.
if its less.. a composite veneering can be done for all the front upper teeth. may cost in india, about maximum Rs.8000 = $. 180

if crookedness is little severe, u can go for ceramic crowning of 4-6 teeth, total max may cost u $550 = Rs24000

You can't fix them. Braces are fairly cheap these days. I had to pay a $1000 deposit and $275 per month. Fairly affordable.

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