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 whats the best thing to take for an abesed tooth?
its swelled ...

 Can you drink alcohol with clear retainers?
I am going to a party soon and I was wondering if I would have to remove my plastic retainers before having any alcohol?

I don't want to stain them or anything.

Any advice ...

 Does everyone have wisdom teeth?

 One of my brackets fell off along with the wire, what do i do?
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 any home remedies for whiter teeth?
im embarrassed to smile at times because of my yellow teeth any one know how to fix that?...

 How can i stop my braces from hurting?
i got my braces on friday. They now really hurt. i have really high k 9s and the brackets are digging in to my lip. The coloured band is also coming of a digging in. i cant eat as my teeth feel so ...

 I feel no taste when I eat?
I feel no taste when I eat, and I have fever, is there any way to cure this?...

 I'm getting braces in about 2 weeks. What should i expect?
I'm so nervous and i'm kinda scared. Help? Please?...

 will i have stains on my teeth after braces?
so i've had my braces on for like 1 year 1/2. and my orthodontist said that i might get them off soon so i've been worried that i will have stains on my teeth. i recently started using ...

 What is the different between teeth plaque and tar tar?
What is the different between teeth plaque and tar tar?
How to get rid of them?...

 Do I need to take antibiotics after root canal?
I got a root canal done yesterday and my dentist prescribed me antibiotics.
My parents and I decided not to get it because its some pretty strong stuff. And I have no pain after the root canal. T...

 Getting braces off with inflamed gums!! Help!!!!?
So I am getting my braces off towards the middle of December. My gums are really inflamed and I am scared that there will be a gap in between my teeth from where the gums were. I don't know how ...

 After wisdom teeth removal?
I had 4 wisdom teeth removed (all impacted) a week ago, i have been on antibiotics, which i just finished today, and am not in much pain, but i have noticed since day 4 that i had a white hairy ...

 Why would a tooth under a dental bridge go bad?
I had a bridge put in about 9 months ago. It is in the back right side of my mouth. I had a tooth pulled from a root canal that failed, so my dentist talked me into a bridge. I have been back for ...

 Bad breath.........................?
I dont know why i keep having bad breath

i have tried, mouth wash every day, gum, cough drops,

is there any home remedies i can do to have a fresh breath that will stay longer?...

 My tooth is killing me what can I do to get the pain to stop I am Dyin ?
Help ...

 how does puking make you lose your teeth and hair?
i do not really puke often, and i dont do it to lose weight, i do it once in a blue moon if i feel sick from eating something and i choose to puke it out rather than having a stomach ache for several ...

 can smelling your breath harm you in any way?

 Is it ok to mouthwash after you brush your teeth or is that too much?
Alot of mouthwashes tell you to use it after you brush is this ok or is it too much on your teeth and gums?...

 How can I get my 5 yr old son to quit grinding his teeth at night?
What a horrible sound. He has even chipped his tooth. I spoke with his dentist and she didn't seem concerned or offer any advice. I'm afraid he is going to break all his teeth. Has anyone ...

You know you love me
How do I get my gums to stop hurting?
I brushed my teeth, maybe, two days ago (after, like, a month). My gums bled, which, I expected, but after, like, 20 minutes, they started to hut like crazy. Any help.

You should see a dentist

it only hurts because you havent been brushing them thats bad for your hygeine so there going to hurt because they havent been used to a toothbrush dont blame your gums thats you but what you can use it ibeprophuen and some wax rub and keep it there

Ignoring dental hygiene leads to prolonged recovery period, this is normal, do n ot stop brushing your (but gently), even if they bleed for a while, it will decrease by time, u may need a mouth wash containing analgesic and supplement of Vit c
for more info u can contact me as ahmadhashem41@yahoo.com (same for messenger)

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