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 Soft toothbrush or Hard/Medium toothbrush? HELP??!?
I usually use a hard, firm toothbrush, but since I found out that soft toothbrushes are actually better, I switched to a soft toothbrush. And I can tell you, they are REALLY SOFT. I feel that they ...

 Failed Root Canal Severe pain.?
I had a root canal a little more than a year ago and received a crown. It now hurts when I'm chewing gum or eating something hard. I went to my dentist and got an x-ray of my crown he said that ...

 Braces: do they hurt?
So I want to get braces, but I hear they hurt and cut your mouth. Is that true?
Do clear braces cost more than metal? <- and do clear braces hurt?...

 What is a root canal like?
I have to get a root canal done and I have never had one before. I just wanna know what it's like. During the procedure and after....

 Wisdom teeth being extracted!? im so scared?
so im 15 years old and i got an infection in my wisdom tooth...and when i went to the dentist he told me i have to have it removed right away. now friday i have an appointment with the ...

 Do I have overbite???
I always thought it was normal but my top front teeth overlap the bottom ones just a little bit and are a little bit more forward, are they suppose to be right on top of the bottom ones and flush in ...

 anybody know what this could be from?
I have a head ache that is causing pressure in my whole head and I know that its not my sinuses. Could it be my wisdom teeth? i havent had then removed yet but they are starting to cut through....

 how can i ask my mom to get me braces?
i need braces super bad! my teeth are very crooked, and i look like a clown. i asked my mom if i could get braces, but she said it cost money. even though she has like 5000 dollars in cash! how can i ...

 pain when taking bottom retainer off is this normal?

 Braces: how long do you keep the rubber bands on?
My dentist didn't tell me anything.. do i eat with them, sleep with them? he gave me a bag of them so IDK help me!! when do i change them?...

 I'm in need of dental work, I do not have insurance or cash on hand, any info on clinics in Fremont,ca. Thanks?
Front cap knocked out and cannot be found, I need replacement cap. Any knowledge of dental schools or colleges that provide dental care for free or at a very low cost and will accept a payment plan ...

 what are long term affets of vicadin?
for ...

 how do you get whiter teeth?
How do you get reallllly white teeth with out spending 40 $ on white strips. ive been using Crest white 3D tooth paste and mouth wash . its good .. but im not seeing much of ...

 What things cant I eat or drink when I have braces?
Why can't u drink ...

 Getting Braces off on Thursday!!!?

Hey. I'm getting my braces off on Thursday and I'm really excited. I've had them on for 3 1/2 years! I just wanted to know what to expect. Thanks!


 What are some good natural ways to whiten teeth?

 What foods can I eat after getting my wisdom teeth out?
Will be getting 4 wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday... what are some of the basic foods I can eat after and how long will I have to wait before I can resume normal eating habits?...

 What is the most painful tooth to extract?
My younger sibling will have her top left pre-molar extracted. How will it feel? Will she feel pain? What is the most painful tooth extraction?
I haven't had a tooth extraction before even ...

 Toothache that nearly causes me to faint. Is this normal?
Hi there,

I've been suffering with toothache all my life. I have pretty bad teeth thin enamel. Lots of fillings. One of my back teeth was due to come out as it was broken, but i ...

 Is brushing your teeth a waste of time?

How bad does it hurt to get a Tooth pulled?
im getting a tooth pulled and i might get 3-6 pulled and i never got one pulled and i wanna know if its REALLY painful or not... is it like hurtm ore than a cavity or what? how bad does it hurt :( ;(???

Little ray of sunshine
when I was younger I had to get two teeth removed so that I could get braces. I was quite anxious about how much it was going to hurt but the dentist I had was really good. I remember getting an injection in to the gum to numb it which hurt the most. The best thing I found was that it hurt a little bit but not as much as I expected. I felt the dentist pull out the teeth but there was no pain

star arafat 7 a
this is the 21st century medical science has advanced beyond our expectations before extraction your tooth will be anesthetized locally by local anesthesia you will not even feel the touch of Ur Dr go and be confident u will not feel pain

Amy Martinez
had that done once! Didnt hurt so bad, was just 1 tooth though! The gel they use numbs the pain a bit. Watch what you eat after though. Good luck, hope it goes well!

guppy girl
Well it depends.. when i got teeth pulled out they had to take 5 teeth out and they had to put me asleep... so since i was asleep it didn't hurt but when i had teeth pulled out without going to sleep well it doesn't hurt that much... they put a shot in your mouth but its really small and it just feels like an ant bite and it goes away really fast... then they just pull your teeth out... but they do it carefully so dont worry:) it won't hurt at all just a little sting and then its over...

Getting a tooth pulled should not hurt since a numbing agent will be used. The pain comes after the tooth has been pulled and the numbing agent has worn off but up will probably be taking pain pills. The dentist will probably use a topical pain killer spread on you gums to make injecting the numbing agent less painful. If you get an injection into the roof of your mouth to numb the teeth you will probably remember that.

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