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 help on teeth whitening.?
im going to get my teeth whitened with Enlighten next month. i went to see my dentists and he never took any x-rays he just looked at my teeth. do you have to have x-rays before you get the teeth ...

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 wots is best 4 wen u have a bad tooth?
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anterior teeth under normal conditions are not contacting the antagonistic teeth, even then they do not ...

 Why is my root canal treatment being done in three stages?
I am asking purely out of interest, not because I am at all reticent about another trip to the dentist. I first visited my dentist for root canal treatment about a fortnight ago. On that occasion ...

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is metronidazole very different to amoxicillian antibiotics?...

 i want to become a dentist?
i want to become a dentist and i want to know if i will be able to or not. im getting b's in physics, chemisty and biology in GCSE so i think im going to be getting c's in a level. i know ...

 have you heard of ElimiTaste gum?
r they any good??...

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 has anyone heard of zapp gum?
bought some chewing gum from there web site. hope it comes!!...

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 GUM BRIDGING, have you had it done ?
Is it painful to have this operation on your gums, thanks....

 Do you know where I can find a highly competent, trustworthy dentist in or near Bexley in Kent?

 Get answers from millions of real people.?
i got my teeth cleaned twice but even now i m not able to brush properly and my gums have started bleeding...i fear if i get my teeth cleaned again i m not confident of brushing my teeth properly and ...

Kate W
Help! I need emergency dental treatment!!?
When I went to the dentist about 2 years ago, I needed a filling. He gave me a silver one and then said it should last for 10 years at least. Well i was just eating my tea and then it fell out. Help me. What should I do!

go to a dentist & get it filled again.

You do not need gutta-percha, that is a rubber filling used for root fillings not general fillings. You can call the dentist tomorrow and get an emergency appointment, if it is not causing you any discomfort then there is not too much of a rush, just try to avoid that tooth to prevent further damage such as a fracture which can cause alot of pain and possibly lead to you needing a root filling and a crown, which is very destructive. He should just put a new amalgam filling in (silver) but if he doesn't have much time he may just used Glass Ionomer Cement which is a temporary filling, if he does this you will need to make a longer appointment to get a permanent filling put in place because GIC lasts for only approx. 2 months I hope that you get it fixed soon!

see if you can find a chemist that sells "gutta purcha"(sp) thats what it sounds like, its like a stick of clay, you break a piece off, melt it on a spoon, and do the filling yourself.and if your in no pain , I doubt the NHS will help ,hope this helps.

uh... how do you EAT tea?!?!

Carly S
Ring the dentist in the morning to make an appointment!

call NHS Direct 0845 4647 and ask them if your area has emergency dental treatment

Dr H
call an make a dental appointment first thing tomorrow.

if your in uk then go th an nhs emergency denist which is normally at the hospital. shouldnt cost you a thing

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