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me naughty???pfft. :P ツ
Have you gotten a tooth pulled? and how does it feel?
i mean a normal tooth not wisdom teeth.
i might have to get one pulled if it flares up again and im really really really REALLY not looking foward to it.

It takes about 7 minutes maximum after sedation, The doc uses forceps, a lot of bleeding, but the dead decayed tooth must be out to save others. Within 3 days everything is normal.

I had four pulled out in one session for my braces years ago. A student dentist did it (!). they gave me anaesthetic so I didn't feel anything.

Don't be scared. I've had a total of 4 teeth pulled(I dont have bad teeth, they just dont come out on time) and didn't feel anything. if u feel anything, you might just feel a little pressure, but it doesn't hurt. U might get nervous but just close your eyes, and it will be over before u know it. It takes approx. a couple days to about a week or two. Your dentist could probably tell you after getting it pulled. Good luck and it will all be worth it. :B

Tom Anon.
I had three teeth pulled a few years ago, It doesn't really feel like anything because the dentist numbs your mouth and gums first. From memory it doesn't take too long to heal either, around 2 to 4 days. If you're worried about it, don't be it's nothing bad just a surreal experience - Worst part is not being able to talk properly while your mouth is numb.

I've had one pulled and it wasn't as bad as having wisdom teeth pulled. I had plenty of Novocaine, so all I really felt was some pressure. I don't remember it taking over a few days to heal. Surely it was still tender a bit longer. . . but little or no pain. Good luck!!

I had one of mine pulled once and I barley felt it cause they numbed it with this gel.

Jong Wook W
they can numb it and you feel nothing, but when it wears off
no pain

it could depend on how old you are because if your younger its easier for the tooth to come out i got mine pulled out and came out easily i only felt it for half a day when i was 15 the teeth behind the canine teeth on the top i think it took 2 weeks but don't do things to cause a dry pocket if you do get that tooth pulled out dry pockets are really painful

Sonja Johansen
yeah... i got 4 pulled out at once. the thing that hurts the most though, is the shot they use to numb it. you cant really feel it when they pull it out. and the shot isn't that bad either.

sett =)
dentist will provide you gel, for the numb then inject an anesthesia so

you wont feel the pain and after the precedence you will be prescribed

by a pain killer and an antibiotic so then you will be good to go.

that wont be too painful...

it's easy...


Top teeth are easy, even a wisdom tooth was easy. Bottom teeth are harder, but it was well worth it because I wasn't sleeping due to the pain of my bad tooth. The pulling (wisdom tooth) sensition was weird but not painful. I found it a little painful to have another (non wisdom) tooth as it had an absess but it was pain for like two minutes and then it was over. I spent more time worrying than the actual pain go for it! I am a big baby and dreaded it but the alternative is to get more pain and it go worse so have it done. Dentists do try to save the teeth though if they can, so see what he/she says.

I couldnt eat french bread for a few weeks.

I had four teeth pulled at one time because I had overcrowding in my mouth. You don't really feel anything because they will usually numb your mouth. For me personally numbing doesn't last long, pain medicines wear off right away. So I had to continue to ask him to give me more through out the procedure. But even when it was wearing off all I felt really was discomfort and pressure not so much pain. Don't worry, its honestly nothing to stress about. As for the healing time, a couple days max.

usually they put you to sleep and you wont feel a thing. when i had it done to me, i had them numb my mouth with injections to my gums and i was wide awake the whole time and didnt feel a thing. they put cotton balls in ur mouth afterwards and ur mouth will feel weird for maybe 2 days, but not much pain, or terrible pain for that matter.

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