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 What is wrong with my mouth??
The roof of my mouth feel swollen especially next to my back teeth, it is REALLY sore and i am having trouble eating, i have been for acouple of days now.
I also think i hsve tonsilitus and an ...

 How do you eat after a tooth is pulled? Are you supposed to swallow the blood? (weird question - LOL)?
Ow! I just got a tooth pulled about 2 1/2 hours ago, I'm still wearing the gauze and its still bleeding a bit.

I took a Vicodin and I'm feeling goooood -- but I'm so hungry! ...

 I have a chipped tooth - what kind of dental work am I going to need?
My front tooth is chipped a little bit in the corner, on the top ...

 why does your breath smell when you wake up?
I want to know why your breath smells in the morning because I absolutely hate the smell.

Q2: What is your brushing technique?...

 Pain in back gums? What could this mean?
Okay I have had a pretty bad ache in the back of my mouth for the past 3 days.Its only on one side of my mouth and the gum is sort of swollen. It hurts and I can't stand eating food on that one ...

 How long does it take to get braces...?
I went to the dentist today and they cleaned my teeth. Then, they gave me an appointment on Monday for braces with an orthodontist. And I lost all my baby teeth a long time ago. Do the orthodontists ...

 Scale 1-10 do braces hurt?

 can you drink kool-aid with braces?
i'm drinking some but wanted to make sure it was okay before i drank anymore.
im not sure since it has ALOT of sugar..
can i drink it if i rinse REALLY good afterwards....

 I just got my braces off- I have a couple questions.?
I was wondering, will the retainer hurt for a long time? Because it does right now. And if you don't wear it during the school day will your teeth really move that quickly...? If it's only ...

ok i have a small black line ON my tooth! not on the gums on the TOOTH!!!!!!!!! i just noticed it last night PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…...

 My teeth are soo sore after getting braces ?
Im 13 years old and im a girl, i just got my braces this morning and now my teeth are in terrible pain, its soo annoying, i want my braces out, but i have a gap between my teeth, and the elastic is ...

 Should I get Invisalign Teen?
I'm 13 and I had braces on my top front four teeth because all of my others were either pulled and not in yet or still baby teeth. I was really slow losing teeth and didn't get my first ...

 Can you use whitening strips more than once a day?
I don't mean the same ones, that would be disgusting. But the directions say to use one a day for 30 minutes, but I don't really get why you can't do two in one day, or even three for ...

 What's wrong with my braces?
I've had braces since August. It is now the middle of April.
In the back, where my braces connect to that bracket thing around my molers, it looks as if these brackets are under my gums. Is ...

 Will Having Braces Change Your Voice?
See I Want To Put Braces Since I Have A Gap In My Teeth , And I Love Singing And Talking Apparently So I Don't Want To Sound Like One Of Those People That Pronounce "S" ""THHH...

 do you need an injection with a tooth filling?
i'm about to have my first filling .. and i know that they give you an injection with a big filling but i think my one is small ... will i need a injection .... also if i do how much does it ...

 Braces Question I Was Wondering About?
My teeth really arent that bad off, its just my fronts ones are a little crooked, so i was wondering what the price range would be, thanks :)...

 I want my teeth to be white like all the other people in school...how can i make this possible?
i brush my teeth morning and night but there not white like the other girls mine have a hint of a light yellow ...

 Do guys care about girls teeth?
i hate my teeth
their big and a little yellow
and 2 of my teeth have this weird white stain on it, ive had it all my life.

but everyone says im really pretty and hot
would ...

 How difficult would my wisdom teeth extractions be?
I'm going to consult the surgeon on Wednesday. Meanwhile, I'm asking any one of you with insight on the subject on the difficulty of the extraction process.

Here's the X-Ray:...

Hard, Painful Lump on my Gums After Oral Surgery?
About 1 month ago, I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed. And few days ago, I noticed a hard, painful lump on my bottom lower left jaw. It's about the size of a pea, but very painful to the touch. Any ideas of what it could be?

♥ mily ♥
you should get it checked. it could be swelling from the procedure, or it could be your mouth trying to heal, or if you are on medication, or if they gave you medication, it may be a reaction to that.

Hi there,

If you can imagine, once you have a tooth removed, you are left with a boney socket where the roots were, the top edges of that socket can be quite sharp, once the initial swelling has gone down, those sharp edges can be quite close to the surface, and can be quite painful, what will happen is, over a short period of time, those edges will smooth over as the gum heals. It wouldnt do any harm continuing with hot salt water rinses until it feels better

Meg Bromo
Get it checked out right away, you are covered for that by your insurance or the amount you paid for getting your wisdowm teeth out. It could be a piece of tooth or instrument broken off into your gums.

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