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 Fresh born baby,when needs to bursh his teeth?
I know baby of 1 day have no teeth but they have mouth and i want to start right away,for healthy baby teeth.I can wash his mouth with a brush and watter,but i don t know at what age,days,weeks, ...

 How to cure bad breath?
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 How crooked are my teeth?
I know they're not straight, but do you think I might need braces?? Please no comments about the way I look other than my teeth. I know I'm not good-looking.

 Does it hurt having braces on your teeth and do you have to be put to sleep?
Also how long does it take for them to put braces on your teeth and what is the best colour.


 Does drinking milk whiten teeth?
Does drinking milk whiten teeth (I know it makes them stronger but will it make them whiter)?...

 How do I make my teeth whiter without a whitening kit?
I want my teeth to be whiter. I brush every night and every morning. I floss. I use mouthwash. None of it seems to help. I have retainers, if that makes a difference....

 I need white teeth!!!?

 tiny ulcers in my mouth?
for the past few days I have 1-2 tiny ulcers in my mouth...Where do they come from?I mean does it have to do with my diet? also, I recently started using a dish- washer and my brother got ulcers as, ...

 Braces experience?
Hey everyone,
I'm getting braces on monday. A teenager cant experience the full package without braces! Can anyone tell me what to expect? When does it hurt? I am only wearing them for a ...

 if i dont wear retainers will my teeth move?
ive had braces for 2 years and now retainers. i was told to wear them all day and take em out only during meals.
but i dont wear them to school cuz i sound funky but when i get home i put them ...

 White stuff on my tongue?
I heard if my tongue is white, its stinky bacteria.
I am often told that my breath smellls horrible, and my breath smells 10 minutes after brushing it really well.
I have a tongue cleaner, ...

 Getting braces?
I'm getting braces on at the end of the summer and I'm worried. I'm worried that people are going to tease me and that it's going to be painful. How painful is it and how long ...

 Will the dentist know I smoked?
I'm 15 and at a party on friday a guy hit me in the face with a bottle and i chipped a tooth, I'm getting a dentist appointment asap cause it hurts alot but on that night i smoked like 3 ...

 I just got my wisdom teeth out 3 hours ago. Must I keep gauze there?
I just took out my gauze - and after reading online I'm afraid of getting dry socket.

Thanks for any advice!...

 Can I buy a retainer?
I got my braces off last week and my orthodontist told me I will not be getting a retainer. Could I go to a different orthodontist and buy a retainer? How much do they cost? I don't want to go ...

 A lot of questions about braces and spacers?
So my orthodontist likes to do random stuff to my mouth without telling me whats going on.. yay. So i got 8 spacers yesterday and they hurt, when will they stop hurting? I have an appointment 4 days ...

 Huge Swollen Gum around Braces?
I noticed today that around a band on my molar my gum is very swollen. It is bulging out on the inside part of the gum, it feels squishy when you touch it and is bulging out pretty far. This just ...

 Do you have a sweet tooth?

 BRACES... Please HELP?
i just got braces yesterday and they kill what can i do to make them stop hurting??...

 My wisdom tooth broke off part of the tooth in front of it and now it has exposed nerves! help!?
For a while now, the broken tooth has been a hole w/ exposed nerves and it's sensitive to hot and cold and of course sugar. But tonight, I was eating and a piece of food went into the hole when I...

im just wondering cuze i dont have any Dental insurance and it will cost me alot to go to the dentist so i need a way to get rid of it at home the pain.

You can't brush it away! You have to drill it away! zzzzzzzzzz!!!

-Kimmy Gibler (Full House) lol

go buy one of those water piks at walmart...and squirt the cavity clean...than it wont rot out ur tooth and wont give u bad breath...

T. Nielsen hayden
I'm sorry, but there are only two ways to cure bad tooth decay: by going to the dentist, or by pulling out the tooth yourself.

The second is a very bad idea. If you're in severe pain, your tooth is infected. Roughly pulling it out can spread the infection; and since your teeth share blood circulation with your brain, you can wind up in the hospital for a long time, or even have brain damage. You can also wind up with an infection in your jawbone or facial bones, which again will put you in the hospital and take a long time to heal. And if the roots of your tooth aren't straight, they can break off and stay in the wound when you pull it, which will require some expensive dental work to fix.

There is one thing you can do that's worse: trying to kill the pain by taking too much Excedrin (also called Acetaminophen or Paracetamol), *especially* if you take it while drinking alcohol. Doing so can destroy your liver. If you do that, you'll have enough time to be sick and miserable, and fully regret your errors, before dying of liver failure.

I'm truly sorry. This is all very gruesome. There are good reasons why people pay so much money to get their teeth fixed. The only way to deal cheaply with cavities is to get them filled while they're still small.

A cap full of peroxide mix with same about of water will help the pain. You need to move it around in your mouth a few times, don't swallow it but spit it out when done. It will foam in your mouth but that's why you mix with water. I hope you feel better.

Buy a cheap half-pint of rum or brandy. Take a tablespoon in your mouth and hold it over the tooth for about 4 to 5 minutes. Spit it out. That will take care of the pain. You need to do the dental thing because leaving it will make it a lot worse and the tooth will die. Then, without an expensive root canal, the rot will keep going down into the root until it infects the gum and you will have an abscess. That will be big pain that no booze rinse will solve and the tooth will need to be pulled. Plus the abscess will punch some really bad bacteria into your system that can do major damage to the heart. So do the booze thing for the pain now and then do anything you have to do to get in and get it fixed. Most dentists will work with you on payments. Its maybe $150-$200 now. It will be three to six times that if you wait.

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