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 I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed, what should I expect?
Well, I'm almost 16 and my 4 wisdom teeth will be removed soon. What I'm really concerned about is the medication. It makes you loopy OBVIOUSLY. What should I expect? Will I be able to have ...

 Can you listen to an mp3 while getting braces put on?
or does that depend on what orthodontist you go to?...

 Do clear braces work slower then metal ones?l ?
I have tje ceramic braces. Sometimes it doesnt seem that they work as well. Is that possible or do they all work the same?...

 swollen bleeding gums & cold sores?
my nephew is bleeding a lot
from his gums and are swollen& has cold sores all over his outer mouth wats wrong w/him?...

 How will i feel with 20mg of Valium?
My dentist prescribed, and says to take two 10mg valiums an hour before my appointment. I have never taken it before, so how will i feel? I know it's different for everyone? I have to have a ...

 Can I keep my overbite if I get braces?
I know it sounds strange, but I like my overbite. It makes my face smaller and more round, if it was fixed I would have an extremely masculine jaw line. Thing is, I NEED braces, my two front teeth ...

 I just got teeth removed, when can I brush my teeth?
I just got 4 teeth removed today around 9 AM. They didn't tell me when i could brush my teeth, all they said was not to rinse my mouth until tomorrow. So when can I brush my teeth?
Thanks! :...

 my wisdom bottom wisdom teeth are really hurting me what will the dentist do?
i have an appointment tomorrow and i was wondering if they will be able to give me anything for the pain untill they can actully remove them.the pain is so bad i can not sleep at night what do i tell ...

 elastic bands on braces, a few questions?
i got elastic/rubber bands on my braces yesterday, and i have a few questions.

1) should i NOT be stretching out the rubber bands? i like to stretch them out before i put them in because ...

 Does the Crest white strips 2 hour express really work?
if so how long. cause it took me 1 - 2 weeks to whiten my teeth using the whitener i bought from the ...

 My gums are growing behind my front tooth. What should i do?
Im 16 years old and i have braces, Ive had them for about 9 months and just a few weeks ago i notice that my gums started growing behind my front tooth. Its getting bigger and looks like a small ...

 Getting teeth pulled tomorrow?!?
I'm 14 and I'm getting 4 teeth pulled tomorrow. I think they're like putting me under.. I have to take a pill an hour before I go an they're gonna give me an iv..so I won't ...

 ahh help my braces hurt like mad!?
i just got braces and they hurt like mad!! how do i get them to stop hurting so badly??...

 What can I expect from getting my wisdom teeth removed ?
I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed...All four of them. Will I feel the pain when they are being removed ? What is the recovery time ? Also does this mean I have to take pills ?...

 My jaw pops every time i open my mouth after it's been closed for a while?
this seems to have started when i used retainers. i don't use them anymore.

there is a thresh hold where if you pass a certain point the jaw seems to 'unlock' so to speak. ...

 Questions for a dentist or hygienist?
I have a cracked molar, it's not tiny but it's not medium and it doesn't hurt at all. What would they do for this just fill it? Also I have some tiny black stains on my tops of my ...

 I just got my spacers on a few hours ago and they hurt SO BAD??!!?
I I got about 6 spacers on today (I am getting braces on Tuesday) and they hurt worse by the minute. My mouth has never hurt so much in my life. What can I do to make the pain go away (I already took ...

 Would braces work on a 21 year old guy?

 any ways to whiten teeth?

 Tooth problem please help?
I was just flossing my teeth and the floss tore in between 2 tight teeth. I made a knot in another peice of floss and used that to get it out. After i finished that i tried to pull the new peiced of ...

HELP! My daughter has had burning painful gums for over a year. She now has "wobbly" loose front teeth.?
She is 20 years old and has been to numerous doctors and dentists including oral and gum specialists. She went through many regimens of medications to treat possible causes such as a yeast infection and sinusitis.She has tried numerous rinses and special toothpastes and has had acupuncture specifically to address this problem.

She wears a very expensive prescribed night guard for teeth grinding and has recently noticed excessive drooling while she sleeps besides the loose front teeth and gapping between them. The pain and burning interferes with her eating and concentration for school and work. It has driven her to despair especially since NO professionals have come up with a solution. She has been prescribed anti anxiety medication to help her deal with the psychological trauma this is causing her.

Please we only want to hear from people who will be constructive and not from those who want to criticize or put down. if anyone has any clue beyond what I've mentioned here please respond. You could be the answer we are praying for. Thank you.

has she been checked for peridontal gum disease? thats what is sounds like to me and the anxiety meds could be causing her to have dry mouth

Dr Akhil
it seems she has periodontitis.
she needs gum surgery and root cleaning of her teeth from a good dentist.
anti-anxiety drugs increase the gum disease so you need a good dentist.

it sounds line to me , that she might have gum Periodontal disease. Some people get this from heredity . There is nothing really they can do after it get really bad , except remove the teeth and put implants . I hope that she finds some one that will be able to give her the answers she need .

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