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 Hey guys, why do you think this happens...?
All right, so for the last month, my teeth keeps getting chipped when I eat food and it's irritating me. I heard that it could be because of calcium deficiency. I have no idea what that means. C...

 What do they do when they put on your braces?
I'm getting my during the summer holiday and I'm kind of nervous about it. What do they do when they put on your braces?...

 Invisalign v. braces?
It's time where I have to make a decision. I have very straight teeth in general, with no overbite whatsoever and the only flaws are that one of my top teeth just out a little, but you cannot ...

 will Smz/tmp ds 800-160 tab work on a tooth infection?
my friend gave me theses cause i dnt have a car an im very very far from any hosipital i had this infection over the last 7 month im worried cause im allergic to penicillen can i take this an be ...

 What color braces should I get?(:?
I am getting braces tomorrow(:
I don't know what colors to get
I was thinking alternating colors
I'm in the 8th grade so I want colors
An do they hurt ...

 Can you smoke weed with braces?

 how do know when you really need a Root canal and do root canals HURT ? please answer?

 my retainer for my braces?
so ive had my braces off for a year. and ive been wearing my retainer everyday.
today i went to the dentist and they re-did two old fillings on my upper teeth.
now my retainer doesn't ...

 Why does my tooth hurt when I drink something cold?
When i drink water my top and bottom molar on the left are in so much pain. Can someone please help!? Also, i have braces....

 please answer!!! Teeth Question?
im going to get braces because i have a gap between my teeth (its not very big) , i'm wondering how long am i going to have wear them so the gap closes. and after they coe do i have to sill wear ...

 wisdom teeth being taken out? weight issue.?
i heard that you can lose weight if you get your wisdom teeth taken out because you don't eat regular food. i don't want to lose weight. im already 116 5'2 and i workout everyday. i ...

 Which brand/type of whitening strips, for teeth, work the best?
Im 16 years old and I got my braces taken off on November 23. I notice my teeth are a little yellow and not as white as they looked when I had my braces on. Which type of whitening strips work the ...

 Ways to get a non-wobbly tooth out!?
My dentist has asked me to get a tooth out. Seems simple enough, apart from this tooth is not wobbling one bit! I've tried different methods, but they've only been useful to ones that are ...

 If the dentist says you have a leaking tooth, should it be crowned?

 I need dental implants what type of dentist?
when selecting a dentist what training should they have. There are a lot of general dentist who do implants, but I am looking for one who has training in implants....

 my grandson who turned 1 on 1/5/2011 has 4 new teeth coming in.For the past 3 days his fever has been 101-104?
Pediatrician says not to worry, but I disagree. Am I worrying for nothing. We are to have his 1st birthday party on saturday...with fever should he be around people?...

 Is there a chance I'll be able to keep my braces on for less time then they said?
I got my braces yesterday and the ortho said that I would have to have them on for 12months-15months. But my top teeth are pretty much completely straight it's just my bottom teeth which are a ...

 How do you take care of your retainers?

 Are retainers just like braces?

 Will the mold for my retainer make me gag?
Im getting my braces off tomorrow, and I have a crazy sensitive gag reflex. I've heard that you gag a lot and Im worried Ill throw up or something....

Free Dentures and Tooth extractions?
My Mother is disabled. She is on disability and has Medicare but, it does not cover dental work. Her teeth are in very bad condition. She only has 12 teeth left. One tooth fell out and, she got an infection. Her face swelled up and she is in a lot of pain. I took her to our family doctor and got an antibiotic for her. The doctor said the swelling and infection will pass in a few days but, I am worried about her other teeth. She needs dentures badly but, I cannot afford them and her insurance will not cover them. I have tried affordable dentures but, it is still more than I can afford. We do not belong to any local churches to gain charity from. Is there any other way to get her the medical help she needs for free?

If your Mom is on disability why doesnt she apply for Medicaid? They will pay for dentures. A tooth infection is very serious because it can spread to your body and can be fatal. An antibiotic was a good move and she must take the pills for the entire 7 or 10 days to work. She may not like dentures if she is used to eating with 12 teeth. My mother never liked dentures and preferred to eat very soft food with less than 12 teeth. There is no free dental but she should get Medicaid. Call the Dept of HHS at the county or social services or welfare, wherever it is in your county. These are the options for dental work:

Public, county, city or community health clinic that offers dental services for low income people.
Dental students under faculty supervision performing low cost services at a dental college
A dental group that takes payment arrangements
GE Money Bank medical-dental credit card
Private dental insurance which does not cover much and a long waiting period

Does she have medicaid?They will pay for extractions. They might be able to tell her where she can get dentures. Is there a dental school near by?

Call your state Dept of Human Services. They almost always can direct you to government agencies or private organizations that will help. There is much more assistance available then people realize. It's just the programs are not very well promoted, and people do not know they exist.

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