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 How much do braces cost with 2(two) insurance policies?
I am a 14 year old girl, Adopted, i live in mass...and need braces.
I have insurance, but because i was adopted i have both Blue cross blue sheild, AND Mass health. I am covered under dental ...

 Are the rubber bands on your braces supposed to be like this?
I recently got rubber bands on my braces and it hurts a lot..it's supposed to, right? But the metal part where i'm supposed to hook the rubber band on is kind of loose already. Should i get ...

 What is a good way to relieve pain after your braces are tightened?
I'm getting my braces on soon and hear it really hurts after-wards. Is there anyway to numb the soreness a bit?...

 Do gold braces make your teeth look rotten?
I'm a 13yr old girl and i'm getting braces in exactly 13 days..and I like how gold looks in the pictures, AND I DON'T WANT REAL GOLD, JUST GOLD BRACKETS OR WHATEVER!!!
Will it ...

 Crest whitestrips question?
I have the Crest 3D advanced vivid.

http://www.walmart.com/i <...

 Home remedies for a killer tooth ache?
Hi, my boyfriend doesn't have dental insurance right now, so for the moment he can't see a dentist, but he is having THE WORST tooth ache...he can't even sleep at night. He puts A...

 Wisdom Teeth Removal Question?
I had all 4 of my, non-impacted wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, November 16th 2010 (5 days ago) and i'm still very swelled up. I can't open my jaw passed the thickness of my middle finger ...

 What kind of food can I make for someone who just got their Wisdom teeth removed?
My brother just got all 4 of his Wisdom teeth pulled, and I was wondering what I can make for him that he can eat.

 What is the best whitening solution for crooked teeth?

 Wisdom teeth? Or am i freaking out too much?
Okay, so I woke up dismorning with a pain in the left side of my mouth whenever I bit down. I have an underbite but im sure it isnt because of that.Anyway, I decided to take a look inside my mouth ...

 What do you do when your tooth turns black?
One of my back teeth has been very sore and made my whole side of my face ache. I thought there was a hole in my tooth but when I looked in the mirror I realised the tooth behind was turning black. I...

 how often should i brush my teeth with hydrogen peroxide?

 Excruciating jaw pain?
Hey guys,

About 3 years ago my jaw popped often, painful at times, and I eventually took an xray and discovered that all 4 of my wisdom teeth were growing almost horizontally and had to ...

 Is it bad if I don't gargle with salt water after losing a lose tooth?

 Braces questions...Please help! Pics included!?
I was told I have a bilateral crossbite by my dentist. I don't mind getting braces, but I was just wondering what the cheapest braces were? Ceramic metal etc? How long would I need to wear them? ...

 I feel like I'll never heal from wisdom teeth removal?
I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on Tuesday morning. It is now well 1am on Saturday. The swelling has gone down, but I'm still quite puffy. I've noticed big bruises on both of my cheeks, and I ...

 tooth infection... gaseous necrosis of the dental pulp pain...help?
I read up and found that gaseous necrosis of the dental pulp was probably the cause of this pain, The only way to relieve this type of pain is to swish cold water around... It's been 2 hrs since ...

 Pls help ! my teeth is bleeding badly!?
I had my gum cut open to get 1 teeth that was stuck out but then i realized a tiny white thing that feels like teeth and it bleeds when i touch ...

 accidentally drank soda after wisdom tooth extraction?
ITs been past 7 days and last night i accidentally took a sip of dr.pepper or drank a cup of it without thinking and i totally forgot i wasnt supposed to drink soda..so i was wondering if im safe or ...

 How long does the whole braces process take?
What do I expect at each of the 3-4 apts?...

Does wearing partial dentures affect your singing?

No, Unless they are digging into your lungs I'm sure it'll be unaffected (:

Cleo Luna
It might..it depends.

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