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 When braces cut you, how much does it hurt?
I have pretty much done as much research as humanly possible on braces. Im getting mine in 7 days, and I really need help on one last thing. I know that sometimes, braces with get caught and cut the ...

Ok.. so on thursday (today is monday) i have a dentist appoinment, now ive always been REALLY scared to the point where i almost faint and i dont talk to my mum for like a week after and i have ...

 just had a tooth pulled?
so I had a top right wisdom tooth pulled two days ago. a couple of after it was pulled I noticed a large blob of blood coming out of the gap. so just now I'm noticing a slight stiffness in the ...

 Is decaf tea/coffee less damaging for your teeth?
I usually add just a touch of milk to both, if that makes a difference. I usually drink about 4-5 cups a day (not for the caffeine, I just like the taste and warmth!).


 im getting my braces off tommorow and how long should it take ?
i get if off at 9;45 in the morning so about what time would i be out of the office and what should i expect ?...

 Tomorrow I will have to remove the root of a tooth, someone already did this and know it hurts a lot?
Tomorrow I will have to remove the root of a tooth, someone already did this and know it hurts a lot?...

 mouth crowded due to baby teeth?
Ok so I still have 4 of my baby teeth. This has caused my adult teeth to become out of place, it didn't stop them coming down though. Its very crowded now, so does this mean if I pull out the ...

 can you get your teeth capped at 17?

 Normal to have sore teeth after braces are removed?
I got my braces removed 2 days ago, and it kind of hurts to eat. It's pretty much a toned down pain from when I got them ON. Either my teeth or my gums are tender, and it hurts to chew. Is this ...

 How to get my mom to take me to the dentist?
Okay so I am 13, and I have one of those Eye Teeth logged up into my gum, and I'm pretty sure no tooth will grow were the gap is under it, but every time I ask my mom to take me to the dentist, ...

 Why do i always grit my teeth really hard without realizing?
increasingly i find my self biting my teeth together really hard when im cold or when i wake up or just randomly, sometimes i don't notice for a while, sometimes i don't notice until i ...

 Wisdom teeth..what to expect?
I have a dental appointment soon and truth to be told, I am afraid of needles. Especially since I am going to be put completely under general anesthesia. Any advice/experiences you all care to share ...

 My molar that needed a filling has now crumbled in part. What should I do and how urgently do i need to see a?
My molar that needed a filling has now crumbled in part. What should I do and how urgently do i need to see a ...

 Expander info please!!!?
So I went to the orthodontist today, and he said I need expanders because my top teeth overlap my bottom teeth in the front, but in the back my bottom teeth overlap my top teeth. I read up on this ...

 How much longer will I have my braces on?
Here are the dates I got my treatment added / removed!
Bottom Braces: December 5 2009
Expander: January, 22 2010
Expander removed: September 17 2010
Top Braces: September 17 2010<...

 2nd tooth taken out months ago, 3rd tooth re growing?
im 28 female. my 2nd tooth was removed about 6 months ago due to cavity's. This last week the empty gum has been hurting, today i have felt a 3rd tooth regrowing. is this possible?...

 Has anybody had root canal done on the NHS?
I've been thinking about emergency root canal as i'm in really bad pain with my tooth, and have to wait 2 weeks for my dentist to perform root canal, but i've heard and have been ...

 Braces Question! very confused!!!!!! HELP ME! Pleeeeeeaase!?
Right, so i got my braces on monday and the pain stopped yesterday, and i still can't chew. my orthodontist told me that i should chew with my back teeth but they are the most painful as i have ...

 Recycling of dental waste(particularly alginate)?
Am a final year dental student.Am doing a project on recycling of dental waste.For that i need some help in the manufacturing technique of alginate. I have a doubt that how will a long standing used ...

 what are the reasons of mouth ulcers...?

Does strep throat make your teeth hurt?
I found out I had strep throat....well my bottom teeth just on one side has been hurting....but it just started so does it have anything to do with strep throat or just something going on with my teeth? I am also pregnant

About four days ago I contracted strep throat, and around the same time I contracted another (I'm unsure of the name, because it was really complicated) virus, the strep throat of course made my throat hurt, along with puss on my tonsils. The other virus made my gums so swollen I can't eat anything, and it also made sores in my mouth that hurt. (I have braces, which makes it worse). If your teeth started hurting around the same time, you might want to have your doctor look at it, because it may be a different virus contracted. Do everything you think is necessary to help the little one. Viruses are tricky. Keep safe, and remember that if your throat and mouth hurt to gargle warm salt water, use throat spray, take some ibuprofen, drink hot tea, etc.

Check ur dentist, no conflict between dental care and pregnancy, its better to have a good oral hygiene than having dental problems during pregnancy, for more info u can contact me as ahmadhashem41@yahoo.com (same for messenger)

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