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Does hydrogen peroxide hurt your teeth?
I've been using a home remedy for tooth whitening, just swishing a bit of hydrogen peroxide (which has been working great!), but I'm wondering if the hydrogen peroxide is harmful for my teeth.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

Gypsy Gal
No, and salt is good also but do not use a lot but a few times a week is good for your gums

Doesn't hurt mine! I am just careful not to swallow!! Happy Swishing!

This should not hurt your teeth, but it could damage your gums and insides of your cheeks. Dilute it with plain water and you should do well. ! part Peroxide to 4 parts water.

not at all, my dentist actually recommended it as an at home whitening supplement.

baking soda also works wonders!

no it isnt...it kills all the germs and backteria...they do make toothpast that has peroxcide in it...but it is ok to use it as a mouth wash...its does help brighten your teeth a little too.

It's harmful if you swallow it.

smarten up.

No it's actually recommended you do that once in a while to clean them

prob not a tiny bit i dont think so

Sassy OLD Broad
You're not harming your teeth so much as you might be harming your gums. I would change to a product that only puts the peroxide on the tooth itself. Godloveya.

absolutley NOT, this is a main ingrediant in all teeth whitners and also a bacteria cleaner. if anything your teeth will be whiter and cleaner and bacteria will be killed in the gum area as well....use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, you will be amazed,,, dont use HP alone, wont do the job well

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