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 what should i say to my orthodonist? just need a couple of pointers...?
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 Do I need braces? (Pic included)?
I don't know if I need braces or not, can you help me out? Thank you :)


George Hernandez
Do your gums repair from chew tobacco?
I was wondering that if I use chew tabacco/dip will my gums grow back
And if I only used two cans of chew tabaco
(grizzly winter green long cut) should my gums already show to be receding?

It doesn't take long for chewing tobacco to cause gum recession. In addition to the recession, chewing tobacco can cause decay on the exposed roots and can also cause gum cancer (which is much more common than lung cancer).

The only to correct the recession is surgery using grafts, where thet remove a strip of the tissue from the roof of your mouth and transplant it to the receded site. The procedure is expensive and painful.

I'd quit if I were you.

no! chewing tobacco will just screw up your mouth and u can die if you chew it trust me the last thing you wont to do is chew tobacco

you cant undo receding gum lines. in some cases with surgery you can get gum tissue grafted to replace the lost gum tissue. but only your dentist can tell you if it is possible for you

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