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 How hard is it to take your own braces off?
Answer , no ?...

 teeth hurttt soooooo bad from braces! please help?
I got my braces on monday and now my teeth and gums are soo sore. The wax hurts my gums hurt really bad and pain killers do nothing for me. I've barely gotten any sleep the past two days because ...

 eating bread with tongue piercing?
I got my tongue piercing 2 weeks ago and its not swollen no more. I was wondering if I can eat bread. I can chew on anything and swollen good just wanting to know if I can eat bread?...

 does enamel grow back?
what do you take or use to restore it?...

 i just got braces yesterday?
is it normal if only one tooth hurts a lil ...

 i have icky stained teeth?
how can i get them whiter.

*home remidies please. :)
i can't afford whitner.
i brush my teeth. durr....

 tell me about braces...HELP!?
can somone tell me most of the important stuff about braces..
i just really want to

iif you can tell me, thanx


(i really need help)...

 yellow bubble pus thing in between my front teeth?
i have this yellow bubbly thing in between my front teeth like attatched to my gums i guess, its really really small, and its been there for 2 days and it hurts really bad, does anyone know what it ...

 How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve after a dental surgery?
are they better than normal stitches?...

 Do you brush your tongue?
I've heard that along with brushing teeth and flossing, brushing your tongue is an important part of dental hygiene. I tried it the other day, and it makes me gag. Should I just keep trying, or ...

 I have "buck" teeth? What will orthodonics do to help that?
I have really embarrasing teeth that I hate. Can othodonics do anything to help that?...

 is a crown with a gold base better than a crown with a metal base?

 what can you do for a tooth ache?
ibuprofen and orajel are not helping. Know of any home remidies????...

 do you clean your teeth everyday?

 How do you clean a toothbrush?
Hey, I got a few toothbrushes lying around and if I have people over who want to clean their teeth, what would be a quick safe way to disinfect their toothbrush?

Isotopol alchohol?

 will it hurt?
gettin bottom braces....

 Terriffied of Having Teeth pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
OK, in 4 days. i have to have 3 teeth pulled. I am SO SCARED!!! All of my friends have said that it hurts like heck and have had to have IV's. Im crying right now. It scares me to death! I NEED A...

 How much does braces cost? How much is each dentist visit to get them tighten? How long do they stay on?

 Does getting fillings, 4 teeth pulled, and braces hurt?
Next week I have to go in and get a few fillings, then since I have crowding they're pulling 4 teeth (two on top, two on bottom), and then I'm getting braces. I know they use Novocain but ...

 Is it ok to chew gum with braces?
It really helps to clean my teeth but I'm not so sure its a good thing. Also if its ok to chew it, what would be a good one to chew?...

Do you have to lose all of your baby teeth before you get braces?
Like lose all of your baby teeth to get braces

Like, what sense would it make to put braces on teeth that are going to fall out? Like??

Matthew Lovato
Braces can be put on while there are still baby teeth. They are not bonded to the baby teeth, and when the permanent teeth come in, they can be attached. Sometimes the braces are used to help pull in the permanent teeth. It depends entirely on your situation, you should see an orthodontist.

blondy =]
no. its not a "requirement" but orthodontists suggest that you do because it makes the whole process easier

Sarah S
its a lot better to have no baby teeth. a lot of people say that they can "just" pull out your teeth, but do you really want that? lol. when i had braces, i had 1 baby tooth. they thought that eventually it would fall out, then they pulled it out to let the adult one come through... that didn't work. i eventually went into surgery where they drilled through my gum to wrap a ring around my adult tooth, and slowly pull it down with a little chain :( it wasn't fun at all

no my brother has it just on the front four teeth on top and bottom and he still has baby teeth in the back. but no ortho. will ever put braces ON baby teeth, thats pointless

Michelle Acceleron
Yes, that's why you wouldn't want braces. I'd rather look bad than have a hard bracket touch my gums!

řada předně
if you do, then when your baby teeth fall out and your adult teeth come in, then your teeth wont be straight anymore,

yes, baby teeth must go. the braces are for your permanent teeth to be set into place, so U wouldn't want to have any baby teeth floating around in there screwing up you new look!

I had to because they had to wait for the adult ones to grow through to glue the braces to. and they extract some adult teeth if you need more room in your mouth.

Orthodontists' usually pull the teeth that shouldn't be there before braces are applied.

no, you dont have to, but it would be better if you did

Florida Boy 92
no, but its easier if u do, bcuz if u have braces on baby teeth, wen those teeth fall out, u'll have to get ur braces re-done again

its just pointless

thats y orthodontists remove baby teeth or wait til all baby teeth have fallen out b4 they put braces on

hope that answered ur question



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