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Do you have to be put to sleep to have wisdom teeth removed?
I have 4 wisdom teeth on top, and they have already came through the gum. I am just curious if i have to be put to sleep for this procedure? And if I do, what exactly will they do the day I go in and will it hurt?

they spray this cold stuff on your arm put a needle in your arm next thing you know you wake up in your house

You are either put under IV with sedation or general anaesthesia. It depends on how the oral surgeon will feel that you will deal with the surgery. The answer is yes, you will end up being in some pain and discomfort the next day, and that is completely common with that type of surgery.

Kamil H
I had to be put to sleep, because my wisdom teeth were deep in my gums. I had an IV in my hand, I didn't feel anything at the moment. When the anesthesia wore off I felt the pain, I'm not saying this to scare you. I'm telling you from experience. It depends on the condition of your teeth, my teeth was growing inward. Don't worry when it's all over you'll feel relieved :)

No they just numb you

I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out without being put under. They gave me 5 mg of valium the night before and 5 mg that morning (for nerves since I'm very anxious with dental procedures), and then gave me "laughing gas". Next came the same shots you get (forgot the name, sorry) when you get fillings. I was awake the whole time.

It depends on what they give you for the pain as to how much pain you have. I've known some people who felt no pain because they were given prescribed painkillers (darvocet or percocette, I believe). My dentist told me to keep Orudis KT handy (an over the counter pain reliever that isn't sold anymore, but has similar strength to Aleve). He couldn't prescribe stronger because I had to work the next day, and part of my job was driving towmotor and working with heavy machinery. My jaws bruised up, but honestly, the pain from the removal wasn't nearly as bad as the pain was from the impacted wisdom teeth.

It depends on the dentist doing the surgery how you will be anesthetized, so check with your dentist a few days before the procedure is done. You'll need someone to pick you up most likely, no matter what method he/she chooses. And the amount of pain felt varies by individual.

Since they aren't impacted, probably not. But you'll be numbed up and may be given the option of nitrous oxide (so-called "laughing gas"), which will just make you loopy. You will probably have pain for a week or so, but you will be given medication for that, and you will be on a liquid/soft-food diet for 3-4 days.

It really depends on your own situation and the oral surgeon you go to. In most cases, you're put under.

you could just have laughing gas

addiline f
For mine, they gave me a choice as to whether i wanted to be put to sleep, and i said yes. I went to sleep, woke up when they moved me to another room, then went home a little while afterwards. I got mildly strong pain medication afterwards and it hurt a little, but besides that, it was fine. Unless you get a Dry Socket. I heard that hurts alot.

It might be a little different for you since they had to cut my gums to get them out, but yours are already out.

Well, I wasn't put to sleep.

And it hurts like hell afterwards. Your dentist will problem prescribe tylenol 3s (which I was unfortunately allergic too ... ugh)

Good luck !!

Since yours have already come through, you will most likely only be numbed. All of mine were still impacted, so I had to be put to sleep through the I.V.

I've heard of two methods that are used.

I had all four yanked at once and was put to sleep for it. But I have heard of people who have just been froze up real good for it. Personally I would hate to be awake for it.

For me they put me to sleep with the mask and I woke up all numb. The procedure was pretty simple and I felt no pain for a few hours after. But the next day is pretty brutal.

Proud American
You can only have 2 wisdom teeth on top, (unless you are just reeeealy, reeeeally smart...just kidding). You have one on each side.

You also have the same on the bottom ...one on each side. Many times they can be extracted without being put to sleep, if they are not "impacted"...meaning they have no come through the gum line. Most wisdom teeth are impacted, so hense the need to put a patient to sleep. As they have to go in a cut them out. If they do this, you can expect a couple of stitches that will dissolve in about 7-10 days.

Since yours are though the gum line...they should be easy extractions. The dentist will give you some nitrious oxide (you won't be fully asleep...but I promise you will not care what he is doing).

You will be fine. Good luck.

You most likely will not have to be put to sleep to have them extracted, since they are already through the gum. Mine were not, and I was put to sleep because they had to cut through the gum. For you they will use a local anesthetic and break the tooth before removing it. It won't hurt because you'll be numb, and if it hurts after they will give you pain meds.

♧$♡( ̄(エ) ̄)Ɗʊȿʇɩɳ♡♫HIPHOp♫☮♡☺♧$♡
Yeah it was a good thing i got mine removed when they needed to be.Otherwise they would have done serious damage to my jaw if i left them in any longer.I found out about it by the side of my mouth looking kind of swollen around the cheek and jaw area.I didn't know i needed to get them removed for a long time because i have a very high tolerance to pain.and it causes bad breath when you have something in the mouth that needs to be pulled for health reasons.To answer your question they put me to sleep under anesthesia.I hate the feeling when you wake up from it.

You have 4 on top? That's strange. Anyway no you do not have to be put to sleep for the procedure you can have with Novocaine.
Put if you do get put out they put an iv in your arm and give you laughing gas. That's all I remember. I guess you aren't really out, you just don't remember anything or feel anything. I do remember telling the dentist he was cute before the drugs completely kicked in so be careful : )

Nope, you don't. Mine were erupted and they just used Novocain. It wasn't so bad, no worse than other dental work and less than a root canal.

And it wasn't all that painful afterward. But that response varies.

yes but it is local

mystic k
"Put to sleep" means killed...
and no. i had 2 teeth pulled and they just numbed me. same with root canals.

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