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Do you brush your tongue?
I've heard that along with brushing teeth and flossing, brushing your tongue is an important part of dental hygiene. I tried it the other day, and it makes me gag. Should I just keep trying, or can I check this one off my "things to worry that I should be doing but don't list"?

Yes, i often brush my tongue along with my tooth.

Yes, you should brush your tongue as well as the roof of your mouth because this is where majority of the germs in your mouth are.

Brush as far back as you can without gagging.

Hi Goldie,
It will take a little practice but you will not believe how much fresher your mouth will feel!
Don't brush so far back, face it anything is better than none. Also don't forget the roof of your mouth (also not too far back) and the inside if your cheeks. : D
My hubby didn't do this for most of his life and he asked me about it when he saw me do it. Now he does it and wonders why he hasn't always done it.... Must be the difference in moms.

it makes me gag too but i do it anyways

Awedf W
well really brushing your tongue isn't necessary all your doing is removing extra germs and bad breath and the gaging part is that when you stick the tooth brush back to far in your throat it my touch or bang your uvula which causes the gaging. if you insist on brushing your tongue you could try not brushing as far back or buy a brush with i tongue scrubber they are mad for that purpose so it might work better or simply use any brand of scope this usually eliminates bad breath plak etc in your mouth thus relieving the need to brush your tongue so i hope you can add or remove this from your things to worry about. well hope i helped =D

Somewhere in my substantial time on this planet, I picked up a factoid that a significant source of bad breath is residue on the tongue. Could be food particles, dried saliva particles, post-nasal drip residue, bacteria, or other sundry things. (Hey, you’re the one who asked the question!) So I try to remember to give it a gentle brush as the last step in tooth brushing.

I gag too if I put the brush too far back. Try sticking your tongue out and brushing just from the middle forward. Over time you may be able to go farther back, but even brushing just from the middle out might make a difference.

I don’t think skipping this puts you at risk for major health issues, although some of the germs from your mouth are evidently implicated in heart disease. But a swish of Listerine would probably accomplish the same thing.

How did the tree get on the computer?

It 'logged' on!

My husband many years ago developed a terrible bad breath. He regularly goes to the dentist and all was well. He went to the doctor, thinkink possibly about sinus or throat infeccion. A friend even gave him a tongue scraper used in Asia suggesting it would help.

The tongue scraper is to remove protein attached to your tongue. It is becoming popular but for centuries we did not use and it did not make a difference. It's up to you.

Oh... hubby breath? It was caused by food allergies. Dairy products. Limited milk or cheeses for him. He sticks to some soy stuff.

Uncle GaGa
I try doing ,but make me feel sick ..

But it would be worse for your teeth if you’re throwing up every night after brushing!

Lots of germs hang out on the tongue so brushing that area of the mouth routinely is good fr overall oral hygiene. Also, it will greatly help with bad breath (if you have a problem with that). The same tartar etc that’s on your teeth is on your tongue. Yum!!

Try brushing the front part of the tongue, don’t go too far back. You may gag less or not at all. Or use a mouthwash. It might not get all of the germs but it’ll get most of them. There are tongue scrapers on the market. I bought one for my husband but I don't think he uses it. I just use my toothbrush.

Talk to your dentist at your next visit if you are worried. I would assume that they recommend it for everyone but unless you have a real medical need to do it, it could be taken as more of a suggestion. I have a pretty storng gag reflex too. I try to brush the front and occasionally do the mouthwash too. I haven’t heard from my dentist yet that my mouth is corroding from the inside so I’m assuming the random tongue attention is enough.

Good Luck!!

This video shows how to use a tongue scraper but it's really dark. But you'll get the basic idea: http://www.expertvillage.com/video/6464_dental-care-prevent-bad-breath.htm

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