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 Is a bone graft needed after a tooth extraction?
I have a tooth that needs pulling due to a cavity. I went to an oral surgeon and he explained that I would need a bone graft where the empty spot will be. This isn't a wisdom tooth; it's ...

 What would cause a sudden tooth sensitivity to sweets?
No cavities, but suddenly I have a lot of tooth sensitivity to sweets...ALL my teeth. I have to brush them immediately after I eat or drink anything with sugar in it and then apply OraJel to stop the ...

 when they tighten your braces does it hurt?
i really scared and im 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Rubber bands for an overbite with braces?
I have rubber bands to fix my overbite. Well I am supposed to wear them all the time, but I can't. I can keep them in for the morning, but I have to take them off to eat lunch at 12. But then I ...

 will chewing grass for its juices wear down tooth enamel?
I heard that there's silica in grass that makes it abrasive enough to wear down teeth, is this true? animals eat grass all the time and there teeth look ...

 Did anybody NOT like there teeth after there braces came off?

just ...

 Have patches of white dots on the roof of my mouth? ?
What could it be gah? It hurts! :(...

 Do braces hurt (scale of 1 to 10)?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very little pain and 10 being extremely painful) how much does getting braces put on your teeth hurt?...

 Average healing/swelling time for wisdom teeth extraction?
I had 3 of my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 days ago. The pain medicine that my dentist perscribed makes me sick and unfortunately causes me to be vomit when I take it. The first time I took the ...

 Can I pay an orthodontist to remove my braces?
I know I'll end up dead, but my mother made me get another phase of braces and I don't need them. I really don't want to wear braces for another two years so could I pay a random ...

 Orthodontic open bite help! WITH PICTURES!?
So i'm visiting the Orthodontist next month and I was wondering what your opinion would be for what to do with my teeth. They have suggested corrective jaw surgery to fix my open bite but i'...

 How do I relive Tooth soreness from Orthodontic Braces?
I have had my braces on for about 2 or 3 days now and my teeth are very sore. I cant eat ANYTHING! and im verry hungry. Please help!...

 are y'all used or getting used to wearing braces?
I am getting braces next month and I am a little scared. Please tell me everythingand l mean every thing about braces (stuff that before getting them and stuff that happens after you take them off. TH...

 Do your gums repair from chew tobacco?
I was wondering that if I use chew tabacco/dip will my gums grow back
And if I only used two cans of chew tabaco
(grizzly winter green long cut) should my gums already show to be receding?...

 What color ligatures should I get for my braces ?
I get braces today at 1:30 EST, (super excited). I was think about getting navy blue and silver ligatures or a light purple and silver. Suggestions are welcome, Thanks!...

 What should I get to whiten my teeth?
Like what brand of strips, gels, etc?? I'm in town and was wondering this......

 Any dentists In Albany NY accept Medicaid?
Anyone know where I can find dentists around albany, NY(12206) that accept medicaid? Thanks in advance!...

 I have bands on my braces?
all I know is where to put my bands.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips i would find it so useful♥♥...

 dental question....little help please?
I've had problems with a molar. The the tooth had been killing me....so the dentist performed a root canal. The tooth is a little loose but through pain subsided. Last night I chewed on ...

 how to keep my mouth smell good all the time without a gum?
i brush my teeth my teeth everyday in the morning and before i sleep ,,,,,
i chew gum during the whole,,,,
when i throw the gum,,,,,,i feel my breath smell is bad

what should i ...

Thank You
Do dentist ever give you laughing gas during fillings, or tooth extraction, what is dentist term for laugh gas?


Nitrous Oxide

And no, my dentist only gave me navocaine for fillings.

Novacain for fillings, crown preps, etc. NITROUS OXIDE is for emergency fillings in kids. Thats when we usually use it anyway.

Quite frequently actually, but it depends on the dentists philosophy.

The technical term for laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide, N2O, or simply Nitrous. Most people describe a floating and detached feeling when using Nitrous.

yes, they do

and "laughing gas" is nitrous oxide

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