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Cavity Filling?
A few days ago I got a cavity filled. When I had my head back, something went down from where the dentist was working to the back of my throught. I gaged, then swallowed it. I considered telling the dentist but I decided there wasn't anything she could do about it and, if she hadn't said anything, then I wouldn't say anything. As I was walking home I felt like I was going to puke, then I was fine. Any idea what I swallowed? Also my filling took under 15 mins (including the waiting period, whitch was like 3 mins). Is that normal? For Will: I have a cavity due to the way my tooth grew in :P

maria S
you swallowed the thing that the dentist put on youre cavity to protect youre teeth and make the cavity disappear

Floyd S
Given that the dentist didn't immediately react to your gagging or swallowing, I would have to believe that what you swallowed was an excessive amount of saliva. If that were the case I would think the dentist would have (after you left the office) took his chair side assistant aside and in no uncertain terms explained about her responsibility to keep excess saliva under control during any dental procedure in which she was operating the suction device. Your feeling of nausea later was more than likely emotional stress over the incident. The time frame required to place a filing is dependent on the size and location of the cavity...There are some very small cavities often referred to as "Pin Hole Cavities" in which only a tiny bit of filing material is required and placing it is very fast. Good luck and I wish you well.

David B
wtf!!!!!! it could be anything!!!!! you could die!!!! tell her stupid! do you have a crush on her or something! god it oculd metal! your so stupid, but i think ur a nice person tho hahahahqha

Rachelle S
What was she exactly doing when you swallowed something? Drilling? Putting the filling in? Most likely, which has happened to me before, she was drilling and off came some decay and swallowed a piece or two. You probably were gagging from holding your mouth open for so long or you might of swallowed some anethsteic (forgive my spelling) from the shot. A filling usually doesn't take that long, depending on how big the decay is, my dentist is usually quick like that.

Hihihihihihihihihi cheese :P:P:P
Hmm... maybe it was a "silver star" as they called it before. It reinforces your teeth. Yeah, it got in my mouth once and it was really nasty! For the quickness, maybe it was just a small cavity, nothing too deep.

If the cavity was shallow then it wouldn't take very long to drill the hole i don't think. You maybe just swallowed some of the stuff she filled your tooth with, if your worried just ask her, she won't mind and it will ease your fear a bit.

angelina marie
ok tahts weird and cavity filling takes like up to at least 45 min um......yeah go ask a doc for xrays or something thats kinda weird

William B
Stop eating candy.

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