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 what will elastics doo to my teeth:-/?
well i havent even had my braces on for a year yet, and they are already really straight, and they just put elastics on and they didnt tighten my braces or anything..

whats happening now?<...

 Cracked wobbly tooth?
I am a 12 year old girl. One of my molars has become loose a few weeks ago. I was eating and my tooth cracked, and it really freaked me out. Is this normal for a tooth that has been wobbly?...

 Extremely sensitive teeth but dentist wont help!?
I had a really sensitive tooth on the right side and when i went to the dentist, she said i needed a route canal treatment and they put a crown on the tooth. A year on the tooth is still extremely ...

 Is my chin crooked? Should I talk to my dentist?
I think my jaw or chin is crooked. Is it too noticeable?

Do you think I should talk to my dentist about this? Is ...

 Do we need flouride for our teeth?
Why do they say we need fluoride in our tooth paste, where did this theory come from? The monkeys in the jungle don't brush with fluoride, aren't their teeth healthy and strong?
What ...

 How long does it take to fix an overbite?
Ive had my braces on since last April to correct my overbite and straighten my teeth a bit, well now my teeth are completely straight and i guess ive been on the strongest dental elastics now for a ...

 Does Invisalign hurt, and does it work?
How bad, and how long does it hurt? If you've ever had it, do they really work like the way they say they do?...

 What hurts more: Braces or spacers?
Okay, so today i just got spacers. They didn't hurt at all when i first got them on, then after a few hours the pain was so bad. It feels like there's a big chunk of food stuck in between ...

 How much does it cost (approx) to havea tooth pulled?

 Do I need a root canal?
My bottom left back molar has been bothering me for quite some time now. Sometimes when I bite it hurts and is sometimes really sensitive to cold. I had a really DEEP cavity filled 3 years ago. Do I ...

 what should I do no insurance?
I have a tooth in the back that is breaking away I need to get it pulled, that will leave me with only two teeth in the back and they are on bottom, one on each side. I need tons of fillings. I don�...

 Hole in top molar tooth?
The last time I went to the dentist, when the dentist was prodding around my teeth counting them and checking them with the sharp tools, I felt asthough he prodded a little too hard and made a hole ...

 Which retainer is best to have, after your orthodontists removes your braces?
I'm scheduled to have my braces removed in one month, but I'm not sure which retain I would like to have. I've heard pros and cons about all of them. There's the clear retainer, I ...

 when you rinse mouth with salt water, what do i use?
does it matter if i use sea salt or regular salt? is one better than the other to help teeth, or are they both the ...

 What is bonding for braces?
I am getting bottom braces soon and they said something about bonding...what is it????...

 Can I get veneers on top of tooth implants?
Soon I will get a few dental implants. My teeth are somewhat discolored right now so I will get teeth that match them. Down the road I hope to get veneers. Is it possible that I can get veneers to ...

 what can i do to stop someone from chewing gums?
she chew gums during working hours and it is very irritating I once told her to stop chew but all in vain, help I am on the edge, heading for breakdown, I cant ...

 I want invisalign.. but have very little income and no insurance..?
my mom takes in 1400 a month and i make like 100 bucks a week. we dont have insurance and i really want braces. my teeth are crooked in the front and its hard to floss because me teeth are so crowded....

 Cut my gums while brushing teeth?
I was brushing my teeth just now, and the bristle of the tooth brush cut my gum. It's hurting pretty bad right now. Is there anything to do to stop it from hurting?...

 Should I get my wisdom teeth pulled out?
They have been growing(hurting) for about 5 months now and my dentist said I can take them out all four at the same time to get it over with. What happens is that school is about to start and I cant ...

Can you get your wisdom teeth pulled out at age 12 or 13?? (read description)?
i'm 15 now, almost 16, jst wondering, can you get your wisdom teeth pulled out when you're 12? Just curious because i had tooth surgery when i was 12 i think and i was like.. asleep, and my mum told me they pulled out 4 teeth?? but i have no idea which ones because i already had all my adult teeth so could they have been my wisdom teeth??

just wondering because i really dont wanna go through getting them out hahhahaha.. so hopefully they're already gone?


Kiara M
Yes you can get them Pulled out at 12 or 13 if there big enough,I was asked to get mined pulled but I said No,I`ll wait until Im like 15 [I was 12 at the time]&Getting your Wisdom teeth pulled out is a necessary thing to do,Because if you got braces & your teeth were straight when your wisdom teeth start to come out they can make your teeth all jacked up again!,&When they come in You will be in Agony &Pain My Mom Cryed because how bad hers hurt when they were coming in Now she is going to go get them taken out,&They Most Likely took Your Wisdom teeth out,Did you have stitches back there,Swelling?If So Most Likely It was Wisdom teeth(:

Wouldn't it make, like, a LOT more sense to go down stairs and ask your Mom, who was there, rather than a bunch of strangers, who have no idea if your wisdom teeth were pulled out or not?

Wisdom teeth do not normally erupt from the gums until well after age 12.

Dr. Sumeet R
Biologically speaking it is not possible to get your wisdom teeth pulled out at the age of 12, 13 or may be 14 because your wisdom teeth are not fully formed by that age.

17-21 is the age when wisdom teeth erupt.

So you cannot have them pulled out before this.

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