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Tom O
Can wisdom teeth cause your front teeth to push together?

oh yea, if u need baces then u will have to get them yanked first

Yes. It can cause other teeth in your mouth to shift. I've learned from personal experience. All those years of wearing braces to straighten my teeth didn't do much good after my wisdom teeth started coming in & shifting their placement.

#~*Deamon_chick*~Bee :D~#
yup,it happened to me....wearing braces now

Absolutely! I'm 30 and all of my wisdom teeth have been in and are still there. They pushed my teeth toward the front and caused them to bunch and be crooked.
So now I have braces to correct the problem. I kept my wisdom teeth because they've never caused me any problems at all just not a lot of room now.

Dr James
Yes they will push together. The best website you can go to, in order to find out everything on specialist wisdom teeth removal, costs, stories related to wisdom teeth, IV sedation vs GA or plain LA, post operative care (including diets), complications (like numb lip) as well as newsletters about wisdom teeth, is http://www.oceansurgical.com.au .... Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you! And remember, only go to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to have your wisdom teeth removed. You can find out about OM surgeons in your Australian town by going to http://www.anzaoms.org

Answer to that is yes. It happened to me, the reason I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

If you don't have enough room in your mouth for them to come in, then yes, they can cause your front ones to push together, sometimes causing misalignment, pain, over-crowding, etc. If in doubt, see a dentists, I had my Wisdome teeth removed several years ago, best decision I ever made!

Wow, lots of wrong answers here. Im a 3rd year dental student. 3rd molars DO NOT cause crowding. Our teeth, specially the lowers, are involved in a phenomenon called "mesial drift" which basically means that our teeth have a tendency to drift towards the midline. Its a natural process that occurs with or without 3rd molars.

For those that are getting braces to fix the problem...why do you think you wear retainers after the braces have been removed? Its because you'll get movement of teeth. It has nothing to do with your 3rd molars causing crowding. If you have braces and you dont keep up with the retainer...there's a good chance you'll develop crowding later.

Come on people, please dont give advice unless you really know what you are talking about.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they are growing in sideways, pushing the teeth forward, and the answer is yes, it happened to me.

yes. Personal experience. When My widsom teeth came in my front bottom teeth were pushed in, turned and pushed up as well. I had straight teeth before and now they are all over the place. Its highly important to have your wisdom teeth removed even if you are not in pain. I waited to long and now am spening 20 times the amount to get my teeth re straighten.

Wow, what a bunch on folks answering who know nothing. That's why one must be careful on these forums. NO... wisdom teeth will not cause your teeth to bunch up. If they were capable of moving teeth then none would ever be impacted; they'd push their way in. The fact is, they will grow until the hit something and then stop. Teeth [especially lower front ones] tend to crowd up because all teeth grow towards the midline [that's what keeps them from growing down our throat!] and the constant pressure that keeps them together tends to make the lowers crowd up. I've seen many many many patients with NO wisdom teeth who have crowding.

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