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 What medications/anesthesia/steroids are given during the removal of wisdom teeth?
I just had a baby 6 months ago and am exclusively breastfeeding. I am having my consultation today but want to know if the medicine used in preparation and after care are safe to take while ...

 question about anesthesia or other sedatives used for surgeries?
so i've been bored and have been watching a bunch of videos of people waking up from anesthesia. and it looks to me like anesthesia makes people go back to acting like small innocent children, ...

 Is it worth getting two premolar teeth extracted?
I have to make a decision whether or not I want to have 2 of my teeth extracted so that my orthodontic treatment can take place. I have a mild over crowding in my mouth and a slight over bite and I ...

 Any personal experiences with invisalign? I feel I'm too old for traditional braces.?
My mother has been saying since I was in the seventh grade that I would be getting braces. And I actually wanted them but they never happened. So now I'm almost 18 and a senior in highschool and ...

 how can i make a cavity feel better?
OK so i'm going to the dentist today and i have thee SMALLEST cavity they've ever seen before. But what i'm freaking out about is the sHoT. while they're giving me the shot, what ...

 Does getting a veneer or a cap on a tooth hurt?
My dentist is going to put a cap or a veneer on my lateral incisor, one of the teeth side of the two front teeth. Are veneers & caps the same? If not, which is she likely to put on? It is for ...

 How long does it take to get 2 Canine teeth removed?
In about a few weeks i need to get 2 Canine teeth out and i would like to know:
How long it wil take.
And the ...

 my gap in my teeth isn't closing even though i have braces help?
i have had my braces for 2 years my gap is closing but it suddenly stopped help??...

 how much would Invisalign cost?
i dont want metal braces.....

 how do i get rid of my bad breath?
i have bad breath and i don't know how to get rid of it i don't smoke i brush my teeth 2 times a day sometimes more i use the ora brush 2 times a day and still end up with bad breath after ...

 Was I awake during my cavity filling procedure?
Ok, so I went for a cavity filling procedure today for 2 cavities, and I haven't been to a cavity filling in a long time, so I forgot how the whole procedure is like and what not. Anyways, ...

 Is it right that Dentists have been trained - paid for by the taxpayer ?
As far as I am aware Dentists have been to University and trained in their skills, paid for by our hard earned tax donations. Is it right that they can set up private business raking in loads of ...

 What is this part of your mouth called?
Behind your last molars, there's like a gum area with no teeth. If you move your finger back far enough you hit the part where your jaw hinges. Just to the side of that (where your throat is) ...

 So I have dental implants and one of the teeth fell out...?
I'll explain what I had done first just so everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. I had no adult teeth under a few baby teeth. By the time I was 18 and finished wearing braces, I ...

 How do i stop or calm the pain with a tooth ache or wisdom tooth? please help?
My back bottom right tooth is cracked or is a wisdom tooth comming through and i dont have any pain killers as its 3am in the morning, all i want to know is how do i stop or calm the pain im in?

 how to keep teeth white?

 Can I get lingual braces fitted abroad?
I live in London, where orthodontics is very expensive. I have heard of people going abroad for dental work as it is much cheaper, but I can only find information on veneers etc, nothing on lingual ...

 Will it hurt?????????
okaay so i have perfect teeth after my braces, all except one , its smaller than the others. so on friday i have to get it built up to match the others. just wondering what does this involve and will ...

 braces problem 10 points for best answer!!!?
well i got the braces about 5 months ago
as soon as i got it my face became slimmer like if i've lost half of my weight while i didn't even lose a pound
when i said as soon as i ...

 I have a very painful white lump along the lip frenulum in my mouth?
It's on that bit on the inside of your bottom lip in the middle, between the lip and the teeth. There's just this huge white lump going along the line of it, and then further up there'...

Can pineapple damage your teeth?

Yeah it is very acidic and if you drink a ton of it it can wear your teeth away, but really there is not much danger. If you want to be really safe rinse your mouth out with water after drinking it.

everyone who starts with a rulz
if you eat several at a time could cause tooth enamel damage


Dental Keli
Too much of it like apple can damage the enamel of he tooth surface.

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