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 Why does my 2yo son have so many cavities?
My son is 2 years old and we found out he has a total of 5 cavities, but 2 of them are full-blown cavities while the other 3 are going to turn into cavities. My husband and I never have fed him ...

 Why does my stomach growl after I brush my teeth?
Evry morning when I brush my teeth i start to get hungry and my stomach growls....this also happens when I chew gum...does anyone know why?...

 Retainer problem!!!!!!?
I have the retainer before braces the back part corner broke. What do I do???...

 question about braces?
can a dentist refuse a request to have a brace?
and what are the requirements for braces?...

 I hate the dentist, why do I need to go?
My dad takes me to the Dentist every 6 months, all they do is clean my teeth and it hurts, I brush my teeth 3 times a day so why is it necessary to visit him so often?...

 How long should you wait before eating after getting a wisdom tooth pulled?
I got one upper wisdom tooth pulled about an hour and a half ago. No pain and no more bleeding. I would wait, but I haven't eaten all day and I am.....starving. I know to eat something light and ...

 Is there such a thing as a machine that I can put in my mouth during the day to tell me if my breath is bad?
or good
Because I can't always tel if my breath is good or bad....

 i really want to overcome my dental phobia ... but how do i do it?
i have always been scared but now i feel its time to do something about it. ive heard ideas like exposure therapy, taking a friend along with you, but what is actually going to help?? plus anymore ...

 My dental insurance doesn't cover oral surgery. What should I do?
I'm 23 years old and I don't make that much money. My wisdom teeth are killing me but my pockets have limits. I need some help please....

 What are the pros and cons to getting braces?
I just found out that I may need braces, and I'm not sure what to expect! I have an overbite and the ortho said I would need rubber bands and braces on my top and bottom teeth. How long does ...

 Will I need braces, if so, for how long?
I want to know, as I am terrified of getting them! And if I do need them, about how long for?

On my front row of teeth, I have a tooth that is in front of the other teeth around it, and ...

 Is a tooth infection bleeding out is that bad or good>?

 Can I avoid unnecessary removal of back top molars?
My orthodontist wants my wisdom teeth on the bottom removed (They aren't erupted yet, I'm only 17), the top back molars on both sides (because he removed my bottom 12yr/o molars before ...

 Do I have dry socket?
I pulled out my bottom two wisdom teeth 2 weeks ago. I went to the dentist last week to remove my stitches and they said that everything was healing fine.
However, about 2 days afterward, the ...

 My tooth hurts helppp?
My tooth hurts, ish. Like under it well the gums. It seems like a Wisdom tooth is coming in I think.

& it hurts, I took a 600mg Pill of Motrin will that make it go away?...

 I cut my gum while flossing and now it won't stop bleeding, is there anything I can do to make bleeding stop?

 Is it normal for there to be white after tooth extraction?
I just got my tooth pulled yesterday and the hole has stopped bleeding and I'm taking my meds and icing it and everything. But inside the hole I'm noticing little white bits and I've ...

 Dental equipment Question?
Hi I was at the dentist office today and they have and used this piece of equipment on me today. It's like a little laser pen or something that they use to touch the tooth and makes a different ...

 Can I go to the ER for a toothache?
Ok my toothache isn't too bad in pain only when its cold.

THREE of my wisdom teeth are broken and I have a hard time eating, sleeping, and I can't smile probably without it ...

 Do I brush before wash or wash before I brush?
Do I brush my teeth before I mouth wash, or wash then brush? I know I do whitening strips last....

Can one small cavity cause bad breath?
I have a very small cavity. I brush my teeth everyday and, I just got unlucky with one tooth. I was always wondering why my breath smelt bad since I brush regularly. Do they cause bad breath?

Thanks. I'm getting my cavity filled next week.

Yes, cavity causes bad breath.

no the cause of bad breath is the tounge, scrape the tounge with your toothbrush and your breath will be fine.

the only way a cavity could cause a bad breath is if something vile smelling just sat in the cavity (it's just a hole) and didn't get brushed out.

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