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Can a previous root canal be extracted later?
My wife had a root canal done several year ago, but it was never crowned . It is now giving her some discomfort, and she is wondering if the tooth should just be pulled, or if it might still be saved. She also has heard of people getting infections in old root canals that led to serious medical problems, including arthritis and heart attacks. Has anyone heard of this?

I would recommend an extraction. I don't do root canals anymore period. The last one I had caused me to get an infection all the way down into the bone.

I had a root canal back in about 1999 or 2000 and in 2005 it started to hurt, the dentist thought I must have been mistaken about which tooth hurt, but sure enough it was the one. I had to have a re-treat root canal. I don't exactly have a tooth there anymore, they put a post, some metal post going into my gums for me to be able to have a crown. I know that an oral infection can cause many health issues, I heard if it goes on long enough it will begin poisoning the body. I saw a man on TV who lost his eye due to an oral infection. I say she needs to see a dentist and at least get on antibiotics if it is infected.

I have heard that dental problems can lead to the medical problems you mentioned, but you have to take that with a grain of salt. That is the dental profession trying to get your business by pointing out what could happen while failing to mention you are much more likely to die in a car crash.

That said, I don't understand something: If your wife had a root canal, how could she be feeling pain there? The nerve was removed, that's the whole point of a root canal. It is up to the dentist to assess whether the tooth can be saved or not. You are also free to get a second opinion if you have your doubts. If the tooth can be saved, I'm guessing it would involve another root canal and a crown. That's where I'm confused -- I don't know of any dentist that would do a root canal and not put a crown on what's left of the tooth.

Curtis H
Go back to the DMD that did the RCT. And, I would consider an extraction at this point, and an implant. Might be the best option. Certianly, crowning the tooth after the RCT would have been the best option.

Mary D
The root canal can be redone, but generally costs a little more than the original. That's because the endodontist has to remove the old fill before he/she can redo the root canal. People can get infections in old root canals, but it is no more serious than getting any tooth infection. I've never heard of getting arthritis from a tooth infection. People can get sick from a dental infection if they let it get so bad that it spreads to their heart, but that happens so infrequently its not worth mentioning. Usually that happens to people with heart murmurs, prior heart trouble, and artificial joints. And even then it is super rare. The dentist will have to look at the the tooth to see if it can be saved. If it is too far gone, there will be no way to save it, she will have to get an extraction. If she does get another root canal, get a crown right away, or you will just be wasting money. It needs a crown! Good luck.

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