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 Haven't been brushing my teeth in quite some time?
Before I continue, please don't answer with "eww" or "gross" or whatever, it's immature IMHO. Please respect my question and either answer or leave, instead of offending ...

 does a filling hurt?
well i hav like four cavities and i dont wanna get them filled cuz im afraid it will hurt and some ppl say it dpesnt and some say it does so i dont really nkow wat to think. some ppls dentists hav ...

 I finally get my braces off, im happy but my teeth are so sensitive i can't brush my teeth. Is this permanent?

 My teeth are really bad, falling apart, I have low income, and no insurance what do I Do?

 What's the best painkiller for a child with toothache?
Can I start by saying, I already feel like a terrible parent over this and I feel awful, so PLEASE no-one try to make me feel worse. I know I've failed my daughter.

My daughter is 8 ...

Hey guys, OK so yesterday i got my braces (top and bottom) and when they were putting it on i felt no pain what so ever but then when i got home after like 2 hours it was hurting like a *****. AND IT ...

 I need 6 crowns on my teeth. Worn them down because of tooth grinding.?
It's going to cost, according to my dentist, almost £2000. That's NHS prices. I'm thinking of Polish dentists or anything like that. Anybody had any experiences they'd be ...

 All 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled... Pain not subsiding.?
I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled about....4 or 5 days ago. Of course everytime I take the perscribed pain meds I conk out for about 3 hours. I have plenty more of the medications, but ...

 What to expect during braces?
I am getting braces in two days.
i'd like to know
how much it hurts
what i really shouldn't eat
what helps with any pain


 Can i brush my teeth with baking soda?
I have read a lot about, mixing baking soda with water and then brushing your teeth with it. But i wanted to ask at what age should u use this method, btw i am 15....

 HELP!! Can't swallow a pill?
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 18 years without a cavity....?
i went 18 years without a cavity, and i had always been told you'd feel when you got one. but my last two i had no idea i had until i went in for a checkup. is there a way i can look myself and ...

 Getting braces in a week anything i should know before?
anyone have advice or anything to help with the pain? what its like and what foods to avoid etc?
or anything else that would help me out :)...

 Why am I spitting blood after brushing my teeth?
It happens to me on and off depending on how hard I scrub. I especially noticed blood this morning when spitting several times. Sometimes I bleed a little, sometimes I don't at all. I also ...

 Is there a specific reason why one should squeeze their toothpaste from the end and not from any other place?
I have heard some rumors that squeezing from the middle or some other place other than the end is bad. I always tend to squeeze somewhere other than the end. Does squeezing in the middle cause some ...

 i have a lump on the roof of my mouth, I don't smoke or chew tobacco. Has anyone experienced this before?

 Im getting braces!!! help?
i just fond out im getting braces! im 13 yrs, old, all my other friends have it! im sooo scared, do they have to put that shot that makes you numb? i hate that, plz tell me if it hurts

 Do all Dentist's charge £25 if you don't keep an appointment,and refuse to treat you until it is paid?
I went this morning with a face like the elephant man due to an abscess,but was told I would'nt be seen until I paid a £25 fine for not keeping a previous appointment,a new policy I wasn't ...

 Can wisdom teeth still be growing in at age 37?

 Can you get sick from bad dental health?
Is it true even if you have a perfect lifestyle(64oz water daily, 8hrs sleep, pure diet, fresh air & sunlight, etc etc), if you have a cracked tooth or are in need of dental work, then you can ...

Can I sue my dentist?
I had a root canal in January. Seven months later, that same tooth started hurting again. I went to another dentist to have it evaluated because my dentist's office was closed on Friday. The new dentist took and x-ray and saw that the previous dentist had broken one of his files off in my root and left it there without saying a word. Plus, that part of the root didn't get cleaned out like it should have.

Now, the root is starting to form an abcess and I have to go see an endodontist on Monday to have this fixed, and get another root canal done. This will most certainly max out my insurance for the year, and then some.

Can I sue the original dentist for being negligent and causing me further damage?

priscilla d
No, I don't think you have a case.

Yes, if you are prepared to spend alot of money.

Only if the dentist knew he left it like that. Not that he would admit to it


Teens have sued MacDonalds for making them fat. Yes,You can definitely Sue him. Takes a while though:/

Miami G
you can try
this is the usa, people have sued for everything

good luck..

Chocolate Cow
u could try people in the US have sued people for losing their pants!! lol = )

hope u win the case!

zippy E
Yes, you can sue your dentist but you most likely not win. Last year my brother Ben sued his dentist for making a mistake on removing his wisdom teeth but didn't win. He only lost because the dentist kept on saying you take better care of you teeth.

So you can sue your dentist but you probably won't win unless you get a very good lawyer

Hope this helped

Yup, you sure can. But i don't now for sure because i'm only 13.

Did you give dentist #1 a chance to fix it? Most dentists will fix something that they did or if you would rather go elsewhere maybe he/she can give you some money back.

it really just depends. Some dentist still use the silver points to seal off the canal. If thats the case then the "file" should have been there. Most dentist don't do this anymore. He should have taken an x-ray when he was finished so he would have known it was in there.. I would contact him and find out what he says. Don't threaten a law suit unless u plan on never going back to his office. Do let him know what is going on though, he may offer a partial refund

Canada Kicks A.ss ツ
Yes you can sue him definately. But I would only sue him if he knew it was there. Not if it was an accident. Be kind.

Yes you can sue him, and he deserves to be sued. Dentists try too often to get away with things and not follow the rules. Stick it to him. You are going to need the money, anyway. You really need to see another dentist or an endodontist for a second opinion and have it documented (like a written deposition) from the Dr. that the root canal treatment wasn't completed or it was improperly done, you will need that in court

Yes, and you should do it soon.

I would say there is a good possiblity that you can. I would check with a lawyer. Most of them have a free consultation. Good luck.

yes but do it quickly

Mariam K
Yes go and sue the dentist.
If he made a mistake he sould of said.
He should help pay for the damage and he should give you back the money.
You should take some action!!!

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