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 cancer question please help!!?
so im going with my mil to the see her doctor today to talk about if the chemo is working and the options at this time i know im supposed to ask questions and take notes but i have no idea what to ...

 Radiologist says "echogenic mass" and doctor says its just a cyst, no need to follow up?
I had a CT scan in feb 2008 for FUO. They found a 7.0mm lesion on my liver.
I followed up and had another CT scan done in Dec 2008 the lesion was 1.1cm and the radiologist stated "it does ...

 I am a 45 y/o female who was diagnosed with stage 3a colon cancer, had surgery had one positive lymph node.?
have refused chemo therapy and would like to know if there are any other treatments available besides chemo?...

 I think I have cancer.....can someone help me?
I have this mark on my right knee, about the size of a quarter. I never had this when i was little and it appeared when i became a young adult. it has dark freckles and hairs growing from it. ...

 can you get mouth cancer from one can of dip?
I was told you can but i dont believe it , please clarify this for me....

 thyroid nodule growth doubled?
While getting an MRI for a neck issue, my results came back that they also found a 7mm nodule on my thyroid. They referred me to my primary care Dr to follow up, one week later primary ordered ...

 Open Prostatectomy vs Robotic?
Hi all, friend of mine was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is only 41 years old and is looking at various options. I'm trying to help him make an educated decision so I thought I ...

 what does a reading of -2.5 mean on a bone scan?

 What will happen If I have breast cancer?
I'm going to the doctor soon about It. But I'm really scared. I've felt lumps. So If I do have It what will happen? :/ Thanks....

 how do you get testicular cancer?
I AM just ...

 Ultrasound findings reveal "non-visualization" of the orbits?
We had our 20 week scan. The radiologist recommended in the report that a repeat ultrasound to be done because there was "non-visualization" of the orbits. What does this mean and has ...

 Why or how does radiation make you tired?

 What is this plant called. I know it as "Cancer Plant" it heals skin cancer?
You place a very small amount of sap on what you think is skin cancer and if it is skin cancer the plant will eat away - produce a scab & then fall off. No more cancer.
I can send a photo ...

 rere of human live what size on the kingdoom?

 how can i talk to cancer patients?
Hey I am 15 & Iive in Florida I was wondering if there is any way I can go into hospitals and maybe talk to girls my age with cancer or other sicknesses and maybe bring them some nice gifts to ...

 I have a small Knot under my skin, could it be a tumor?
I've noticed a small hard knot on the inner part of my thigh. It hurts when I touch it. I do not know if it is solid, or filled with fluid. It's right under the skin, and over the muscle. I...

 Could all cancers be caused by viruses of one type or another?
If so, would Vitamin D3 and antiviral whole foods like garlic, onions, and coconut reduce their occurrence?...

 How long can a 70 year old man live with lymphoma?
I know nothing about this disease..can my question be answered or is it too general?...

 how do doctors check your moles for skin cancer?
Ok i just noticed a oval shaped mole in the middle of my back, its dark brown and raised and it feels scratchy. Im really scared that it might be skin cancer. How do doctors check for skin cancer in ...

why does cancer make you nausea?

The treatment does, the cancer itself doesn't.

Liz S
The chemo makes people nauseous. The cancer itself does not or a lot of people would find they have cancer a lot sooner.

Do you mean why does cancer make you nauseous?
GI cancers causes you to not be able to digest properly and causes nausea. Brain mets can cause dizziness which causes nausea. It would help to know what kind of cancer you are referring to.

cross-stitch kelly
Usually it isn't the cancer itself which makes you nauseous--it's the chemotherapy used to treat it. Most chemo can cause you to become nauseous, but the doctors can give many different types of anti-nausea medicines to combat it (they gave me three different doses along with my chemo, so I was never sick, plus they offered me more anti-nausea medicines to take later if I needed them).

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