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 What happens if you have a cyst on your lymph nodes?
I have a pea sized lump behind my left ear. When I went to the doctor he said it was probably just a cyst on my lymph node and it wasn't a big deal. He even said I might have it for the rest of ...

 At the clinic cancer question?
Mrs. Ibanez volunteered to help at a hospital for children with cancer. When she first entered the cancer ward, she was upset by the fact that most of the children had no hair. What is the ...

 what is cancer i am doing a speech on cancer please help me search every where?
i am doing a speech please help I need to know a little bit more on cancer please help me ...

 what is cancer and how maney types are there?

 my husband has terminal cancer. why is he always so cold?

 why does cancer make you nausea?

 if you only smoked two hits from a cigar how long will it be in your system?
i have to take a drug test soon i dont wanna come out ...

 can you die of kidney surgery?
I need to know if you can die from the surgery to donate a kidney. I'm not doing it. It's just for a essay. Thanks guys <33 Love ya'...

 i have a lump on one side of my cheek under the bone just the top of the neck?
i can pick it up its like a ball under the skin but there is no ...

 Do brain tumors always cause pupil dilation?
Over that past few days, I've been displaying what seems to be symptoms of a brain tumor. However, I've checked my eyes, and not only do they track together, but they aren't overly ...

 I think I may have a brain tumor but what can I do to convince my mom?
'm 17 and I have some of the symtoms of a brain tumor except vomiting but my mom is hard to convince. Not only does she say that I'm always making up syptoms. What should I do??? I pressure ...

 Can some Cancers fail to show up on a CAT Scan?
Can some Cancers not be found with a CAT Scan, even if they have been developing for a while?...

 If cancer goes into your ribs is it better to get radiation so it doesn't hurt or get more pain killers?
Which would make it not hurt more?...

 family member has metastatic colon cancer with mets to his liver and lungs?
My Uncle was diagnosed about a month ago and it seems that every day since then he's progressively been getting worse. The docs initially gave him 20 months but we wonder how much time he really ...

 cervical cancer vaccine?can u die?
can u die from the cervical cancer vaccine??? im 13 and have been offered the vaccine in school thanks for all your advice ...

 What component in the diet may reduce the risk for colon cancer?
There are many theories about food intake and cancer. One relationship that is true is colon cancer....


 cancer question please help!!?
so im going with my mil to the see her doctor today to talk about if the chemo is working and the options at this time i know im supposed to ask questions and take notes but i have no idea what to ...

 Radiologist says "echogenic mass" and doctor says its just a cyst, no need to follow up?
I had a CT scan in feb 2008 for FUO. They found a 7.0mm lesion on my liver.
I followed up and had another CT scan done in Dec 2008 the lesion was 1.1cm and the radiologist stated "it does ...

 I am a 45 y/o female who was diagnosed with stage 3a colon cancer, had surgery had one positive lymph node.?
have refused chemo therapy and would like to know if there are any other treatments available besides chemo?...

Brandon Hill
whats the most incurable type of cancer?

The worst I have seen... or should I say the fastest I have seen is a rare form of thyroid cancer. From the time lady felt something unusual till the day she died was only a few weeks.

bruce b

Dr. Katie DDS
Mainly Pancreatic, because it's almost always caught in it's final stage when it has metastasized through out the body. It's usually only found early by accident. You could also argue that lung cancer is quite aggressive and can be one of the hardest cancers to survive. Metastatic melanoma is hard to beat as well due small metes through out the body, that multiply.

I would say late stage lung cancer. It kills the most people every year.

There isn’t a most incurable. There are several that are not curable. It is a black and white thing either it is curable or it is not. Multiple myeloma, indolent lymphoma, glioblastoma multiforme are all examples of non-curable cancers.

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