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what does it mean when the doctors put a cancer patient on morphine?
My best-friend's mom has cancer for quite a while.
does putting her on a high doze of morphine mean that its over?
or is it just to ease her pain? is there usually hope after that?
i think they have reached stage 5 of morphine, something about the doze being 100 something.

that means you better hope they got you in the will.

Morphine is highly addictive, so im sure the doctor would do a high does only if he was sure he wouldnt create a addict... dead people can not steal your car stero for morphine

It means that there's nothing more to be done but to comfort her. Yes, it's over.

Cancer patients are in a lot of pain,and morphine helps with that. So yes it's to ease her pain. Hope and her actual demise are not in our hands. There is only hope for those who believe in it.

well morphine isnt a good sign, its a VERY strong painkiller and can cause you to hallucinate.

I went to a funeral today of a family friend who died of cancer, he got put on morphine not long before he died....

no one can tell you its the end, coz its really depends on their will power and how bad the cancer is and many other things.

Morphine is for pain. It doesn't cure anything.
This does not mean it is over. Yes there is hope.
Under a doctor's care, it doesn't cause death.
There are much stronger pain relievers available, and used.
Doctors are not concerned about morphine addiction when it is used for pain relief.
Most of the people answering your question don't have a clue what they are takling about.

It means that the pain from the cancer and/or the treatments is severe at that time. It could be that she is dying, but it doesn't necessarily mean that. She could just be having a hard time dealing with this stage her cancer is in and the morphine is to help her get past it.

My father was diagnosed with brain cancer and they put him on morphine to help manage the pain. The dose that your friend's mom is a rather high dose. She might just be in a lot of pain. My heart goes out to your friend and their family. I hope that the cancer goes into remission. I can't say for sure but you should never give up hope. Tell your friend to spend as much time as they can with their mother.

seven 2 seven
Yes, it's basically just to ease her pain. Morphine won't cure cancer or anything.

A close friend of mine's parent had cancer during the summer. The morphine was used to keep him from the awful pain. The morphine won't cure the cancer but at least your best friend's mom will be more comfortable. I'm sorry

Sandy Giggles
the cancer is very painful. If she is on a high dose of morphine for long, the morphine will kill her if the cancer doesn't...

my mom was on high doses of morphine. She only lasted about 3 months.

prepare yourself for it. whether you share this with your friend is up to you.

I wouldn't. but be ready to be there for them.

ye poor women it will stop her pain and worry to

It means she is in pain. The medicine will help make her more comforatble. Cancer is a strange and unpredictable thing, you must never give up, and yes...there is ALWAYS hope!

§tone in Love =)
It's for pain. Not sure about the 'after that' question

i don't know anything about stage 5 of morphine.

but it does mean that she would be in a great deal of pain if she did not have the morphine. so, in that sense, the morphine is good.

I don't know if there is hope at this point - i would tell you if i knew, but i don't.

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