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organs shutting down?
my aunt has been in the hostiptal for like 4 days now she has blood poising they said and a high heart rate. she son life support has a tube down her throat. they said her organs are starting to shut down what does that mean? do you think she may pull through? she also was a smoker to. I wonder what caused the poising.

Jake T

if your orgins shut down its not that big of a deal but if your heart shuts down thats really ******* serious

might have been Carbon monoxide poisoning. It doesn't sound great at all. Your aunt may die, BUT then she may pull though and live a long old happy life. Don't give up

She probably will pass, sorry you have to hear that. Sorry for your aunt too.

The poisoning is basically disabling the organs from doing their job. Its another way of saying that her organs are dieing.

When your organs start shutting down that's not a good sign. Pray for her.

well usually when a person's organs are shutting down they are dying
Im sorry if this is the case

Peace Baby
Not to make you sad but when someones organs are shutting down they almost always dont make it. sorry. =(

not sure what causes the sepsis into the blood but it sounds like she is experiencing MODS or Multi-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome. Basically when you are very sick your organs will begin to shut down one by one until you have passed. Stay with her and hope for the best, sorry to hear.

Andiamo Fica!
She is dying. She will be dead soon.

kate m
Blood poisoning generally comes from some sort of infection. For example, when some one gets Gang Green they usually die from the toxins produced by the bacteria in the infected area. As far as organs shutting down it means that one by one the organs are slowing down in there jobs and are about to quit.

Scott S
Blood poisoning is sepsis. It is a serious, life-threatening disease, but it is not uniformly fatal. Survival depends on the underlying condition of the person, and if they can manage the infection.

The problem seems to be the body's over-reaction to the infection can affect the organs.

When my mom had sepsis, the doctors told us that if only one organ was involved, the chances were very good for survival. The more organs involved, the worse the prognosis. She lived for a good while longer after recovering from her acute problem.

I hope things work out for her, and for you.

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