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abby r
my friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor?
what are the chances of her surviving? she is 10 years old. any info is good.

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Kelly Girl :]
OH MY GOD THATS TERRIBLE!! It kind of makes me want to cry. But about your question. Alot of people do survive from brain tumors but if the brain tumor grows too big it can cause brain cancer and I don't think she could take something like that. God bless you

My husband died from a brain tumour 10 years ago. Chances for survival depend on a few things.....location of the tumour, whether it's a primary or secondary tumour, type of tumor. If it's a primary tumour, they are often an Astrocytoma or a Glioblastoma Multiforme. My husband's tumor was the Glioblastoma tumor and from diagnosis, he lived 20 months until his death. These types of tumours are very unique....when they are in an active growth period, they can double their size in 10 days! Unlike tumours in other parts of the body which are masses of cancerous tissue which expand and spread.....Glio tumours spread in a cobweb like effect so it makes surgical removal almost impossible. Sometimes if the tumour is located in the frontal lobe, they will try surgery. My husbands was in the left parietal lobe which is just up above the top and back of the ear. The can prolong life with radiation treatment....5 x/week for 6 weeks and then they will start courses of chemo....which they continue until blood levels reach a range where it is unsafe to give anymore. The problem with the Glioblastoma Multiforme....is that these cancerous cells mutate very quickly....so when treatment is given, it might shrink some of the cells but it will feed others, cause them to mutate and spread much faster. It's a horrible thing to think of a child being diagnosed with something like this....BUT....if she has to have a terminal illness, this is definitely one of the better ones to have. My husband never experienced any pain throughout his illness.......he didn't lose weight and waste away like people do who have other types of cancer. He was strong and healthy the whole time. Also, if its a primary brain tumour, it starts in the brain and ends in the brain....unlike other cancers that can spread to the brain. Probably the biggest concern will be controlling seizures should she start having them but there are some great medications for that. We were fortunate in that we only had to deal with petit mal seizures. Other areas of the brain might involve grand mal seizures. Love this little girl...pray for her....treat her as normal as possible! I have some wonderful ideas for things you can do for her and with her. Please feel free to email me and I'll be happy to share them with you. I don't want this answer to end up being an epistle! Edit: To April......benign tumors in the brain can cause serious health effects but they absolutely do NOT turn cancerous! A benign tumor does not grow in an unlimited, aggressive manner, does not invade surrounding tissues, and does not metastasize! They have none of the characteristics of malignant tumors!

There is very, very little info here. I did notice you ask and answer alot of animal questions. Would this friend happen to be your pet? I only ask because I wonder why you have a 10 year old friend. Btw, benign tumors do spread and can even turn malignant. No primary brain tumors metastasize. I know of a person that had a benign tumor removed. Grew back gbm. I HAVE HAD a brain tumor with 2 different cells mixed, oligoastrocytoma grade 3. I think I KNOW what I'm talking about. It was in my right temporal lobe, 6 cm big...above my ear. I DO NOT give flippant answers to serious questions. I ask my doctors for verification on anything I read or hear about. Puppy, this is from the same wiki site you got your post to me from: Benign tumors typically are encapsulated, which inhibits their ability to behave in a malignant manner. Nonetheless, many types of benign tumors have the potential to become malignant and some types, such as teratoma, are notorious for this.

it depends on the type and where it is,only her doctors can tell you this nobody on here

alexis Q
don't know much about brain tumors.. did your friend consult a physician yet? and what kind of cancer is it.. is it Malignant(spreads) or Benign(do not spread)? And what stage is it..

It depends on the tumor, sometimes it can be found and removed and no harm done. Other times its in a location that can't be reached. Her young age helps though, children recover a lot faster than adults

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