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is sleeping alot normal with stage 4 cancer?
My husband was diganosed with stage 4 cancer in heart,liver,lung,kidneys,brain,skin,bone,assending colon,scrotum and his color has not been good lately,very weak,and sleeps alot they only allowed him 10 days of radation n is on a chemo pill for the brain cancer,what is his survival rate with this

Baa Baa
I'm sorry your husband is so sick. His prognosis is extremely poor and since the cancer is just about everywhere, it should not take very long before he will pass on. Sleeping and weakness is part of the disease process that is quite normal for a man in his condition. Most likely he will go to sleep and lapse into a coma and remain unresponsive until it is over. If he does go into a coma, it will be just a matter of days. The cancer has taken over everything and his body is winding down. There is nothing you can do except be there for him and make sure he is as comfortable as possible. I don't know the statistics, but I imagine the survival rate with all this cancer is 0%. My brother had cancer like your husband and he lasted 6 weeks after being diagnosed. You need to prepare yourself for the worst. If you need to know anything, now is the time to ask. Make sure you know where all his important papers are while he is still able to talk to you. My heart goes out to you.

I'm sure you have discussed survival rates with his doctor who has a much better idea what is going on than we do. I really hope you have Hospice helping you'll through this most stressful time. They are great and can answer most of your questions. I would try to keep him comfortable and pain free and forget heroic measures to extend life. They usually have side effects that just aren't worth it at this point. But that is only my opinion. I wish you many blessings.

Hi, I too am sorry to hear about your husband. I would imagine that with all his problems he is on a fairly high dose of pain killers. These drugs would cause sleepiness and are probably contributing a lot to his sleep. Yes, I do believe it is normal for someone at his stage to sleep so much. Good luck and best wishes to you both.

Auburn's Rush
Mere words can not express how sorry I am to hear you and your husband's situation. To me, it seems like his time is short. Typically, from my own personal research in this sort of thing, sleeping a lot (combined with what you have said) is a sign his remaining time on earth is short. Maybe a couple days to weeks, even months. Only a doctor could tell for sure, and even then they could be wrong. Make sure you cherish the time you have with him left. I will be keeping ya'll in my prayers.

Brandon Bandy
OMG! HE REALLY HAS ALL THOSE CANCER TYPES!? That's really sad. Yes fatigue is a symptom for cancer. Depending on all those cancer types, im not sure how long he has to live left. IM NOT SURE though, I could be wrong. Im so sorry, that u and him have to cope with this. May god bless you and him :).

Chris V
i dont know but no one should sleep that much though.i think its not that good but i could be worng im not a doctor. depending on how many hours he sleeps.

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