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 Liver cancer?
My aunt has just found out she has liver cancer and it has spread into her bones and in her back. She was told that she was in stage 4? She has received radiation also since she found out, which ...

 Thyroid Cancer?
if i had tyroid cancer would only one side of my throat hurt when i swallow? or would it be both? its not a sore throat feeling, but rather a sharp pain after swallowing like a muscle spasm....

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 do i have throat cancer?
i am 16 and i sing a lot. Lately my throat has been feeling like there is something stuck in it. i don't feel a sore or anything but it feels really weird like someone put something down my ...

 What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?
Just Curious....

 can we give iron supplements to a 5 year old child who has a cancer Neuroblastoma stage 4?
we give some supplements to our child such as bio enzime-natural fruit, Scott Emulsion, vit. b complex+lysine, vit. c,C...

 What would cause Renal Cancer?
My uncle has Renal Cancer and it just came out of no where with no signs. Just one day he couldn't get out of bed and was in extreme pain. So I was just woundering what would cause it....

 how can i find wigs online?

 Does an Endometrial Ablation increase breast cancer risk?
Thought maybe it would because . . . where would the estrogen go now except to build breast tissue since it can not build up the endometrial lining any longer.

 Anyone heard of a tumor attaching to the aorta thru the lungs?
Symptoms are 2 lung masses...1 on or near aorta causing blood to be coughed up. Biopsy proved inconclusive and pulmonary embolism not ...

 Aren't mushrooms fungus, a growing environment for growing cancer???

 Are ovarian cancer tumors "allogeneic" compared to "synergenic" in nature?
Researching the use of beta-glucans / polysaccharides which have been shown to be effective against allogenic tumors. Not sure what type of tumors are caused by Ovarian Cancer cells....

 is metotrexate same as a quimotherapy treatment?
my daughter suffer of dermatiomisitys yuvenile and is taking metotrexate pills for ...

 Functional Bowel Obstruction?
Oncologist said mom has a 'functional bowel obstruction' due to the tumors and that she shouldn't have any problems eating and such (this is a long story). Just wondering what a '...

 what does it feel like to see another year?

 What do you think? Ovarian cancer / bowel obstruction?
Just looking for any suggestions, ideas or personal experiences: My mom has stage 3 ovarian cancer and had surgery back in august. basically been in the hospital(s) all this time. Since admission ...

 Have you ever heard of someone diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia who survied???
when and who?...

 Could it be breast cancer?
I feel a lump in my left breast when I squeeze the middle of it. It really hurts when I squeeze it and its not there on my right breast. Its also quite hard. Im 15 and my mum had some kind of cancer ...

 Any one got info on throat cancer? Someone I know was diagnosed a month ago Nov 06?
The subject is a 34 yr-old African-Caribbean male who smoked cigarettes for about a year, then stopped . . . about a year and a half ago.

He recently got a job as a diver in the C...

is ovarian cancer a death sentence?

NO, it's not a death sentence, please do not think of it as such!! Attitude helps with treating all cancers. I am a 7 year survivor of ovarian cancer, had my surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, i'm still here and doing good. Yes it's the silent killer, but with the advance on treatments and so on you can win the fight. NEVER give up the fight.

Carla W
No, it's not a death sentence. How well you do depends on the specific type of ovarian cancer (there are 3 main types), the stage of the disease (has it spread and to where), your age and general health and other factors. To give you an idea with some specific statistics from the American Cancer Society..."If diagnosed and treated while the cancer has not spread outside the ovary, the 5-year survival rate is 94%." Getting diagnosed and treated as early as possible is key.

For more information on ovarian cancer, visit the Cancer Society's web site at http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_1X_What_is_ovarian_cancer_33.asp?rnav=cri

Queen of Light
The conventional route, yes, within a year, is the average. Ovarian cancer is not called the "silent killer" without a good reason. By the time it is diagnosed, it is rarely confined to the ovaries. Sad, but true.

But there is never the need to give up. For ideas on what one can do for one-self, you may want to visit "Dhaxem and Cancer" on the Dhaxem website. Having a purpose in life, is what can make a big difference.

Yellow Tail
No, ovarian cancer is not a death sentence. As you will see from my link, the prognosis will depend on a variety of factors as will the treatment.

Jeffrey P
Absolutely not. While it cannot always be cured, it often can be treated and suppressed for long periods of time. Every person who has cancer will do somewhat different. When doctors talkier about prognosis they are talking about averages. Any give person may do better or worse than average.

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