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 How Did Jade Goody's Cancer Go Undetected?
I am completely distraught over the news of Jane Goody.

For a few reasons:

I have severe cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer cells). I am 26 and this was found out last year. I'...

 what are the symptoms of colon cancer?
my husbad is only 31 it possible for him to have this deadly disease?...

 hodgkins lymphoma, can you help please..?
Have had 6 cycles of chemo and have just got back CT Scan repart but don't have my specialist appointment for another two weeks so wondered if anyone new waht the following could/does mean:A 1cm ...

 3 cigarettes in a lifetime, the effects?
Ok so, i was curious about trying out cigarettes, and to see why everybody is doing it, i have to say i have no bloody clue why. Anyways, i had 3 cigs, and wondering if it would have any health ...

 Did someone read the article on "Mapping the Cancer Genome."?
Plzzz...tell me the summary of it.
The article is from the "Scientific American" of March 2007....

 Anaemia and Haemoglobin Levels?!?
Hey everyone,

I just got my blood test results back and it was noted that i have possible anaemia, Im 17 years old and come from a Mediterranean family. My father has Anaemia also.

 Is there any kind of cancer that can be cured?

 My dad is diagnose with Malignant Lymphoma?
Last night, my parents came home from the hospital with bad news: My dad is diagnose with this cancer call Malignant Lymphoma. We don't know what stage my dad is in, but this Friday my dad will ...

 A Question about Leukemia?
My friend has just been diagnosed with leukemia, i just wanted to know what she should expect. How tough is the treatment? How long till she feels completely better again and is clear of the disease? ...

 How many types of Lymphoma are there?
I am doing a Advanced Biology research report on Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but I wanted know how many other types of Lymphoma are also out there. I know people say "many" but I was looking ...

 what kinds of cancer can cause facial disfigurements?
i mean can any cancer cause facial disfigurements if it spreads? or is it just cancers of the facial area that would lead to disfigurements?...

 Why is women's cancer more important than men's cancer?
I'm always seeing events, commercials and people talking about women's cancer but why is there nothing about men with cancer?

Anyone care to shed some light on this ...

 Father has pancreatic cancer/School Work?
I've been really depressed lately, and I'm having a hard time completing the semester at college. It's almost like I just can't do anything but lay in my bed and not think about ...

 how long does a last rites ceremony take,and does anyone ever pull through after?
last rites was given?...

 would a chest-xray detect up cancer?
i had a chest x-ray done at the hospital.
they said all was good no cancer or anything abnormal.

i'm 19 trying to quit smoking. been smoking since 16 and a half.

am i ...

 How likely will I develop breast cancer if my mom has it?
I found out the my mother has breast cancer.
I'm 15, how likely am I to develop it?...

 how long can you live when your liver stops functioning?
my sister is very ill and her liver has stopped functioning

how long has she got

please be ...

 Is their a possible way to cure cancer?
hey im 13 and My grandma has cancer all through her body and only has a few days to live..is their anything that can possibly help her? i heard green tea works..but she cant talk or remember and ...

 What's the best way to help prevent cancer?

 which is more effective for cancer treatment ?
A person I love have stage 3 or maybe 4 colon cancer Ùˆ she made a surgery for cancer in the ovarian and uterian , she has small nodes in the colon and by the way she also removed part of the colon ...

how long does it take for a breast tumor to form?
Also, can asbestos cause breast cancer?

Echo Two
There are different types of breast cancer and some types are more aggresive than others. Tumors are assigned a grade - Grade 1-3 that represents how fast the cancer cells are growing.

Asbestos is known to cause certain types of lung cancer but is not linked to breast cancer.

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