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 Is smoking weed or hookah only ONCE worth it?
I wouldn't do it again, even if I like it because I know the long term effects....

 HAVE YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW..been miraculously cured from cancer by using natual remedies,herbs orsecret cures
i heard also that polluted areas (like where there is many factories)can cause forms of cancer to develop..and if say you take someone into the open country away from the polluted air of cities and ...

 Patrick Swayze has sworn off the chemo in favor of a new treatment; what is this "New Treatment"?

 I'm very scared about skin cancer!!!!!?
Near my ankle I have had this callous like thing, discolored, for a long time, I didn't worry, because I thought it was a dry skin problem, about a month ago i put lotion on it for about a week ...

 Follicular Lymphoma?
My friend is on the phone and said her brother was diagnosed with this!!! What is the best treatment center?

Is it Mayo?


 Read this and answer it to help me plz!!!!?
lately ive been pretty i,ll i wake up wiv joint pain, wiv some new bruises,feeling weak,and tired,and headahces whitch is a new sign as most people know i,m only 13 does any1 know whats wrong ive ...

 Can you Please...?
take a few minutes of your time to help me out?? I need websites that are about "Skin cancer" it has to be from organizations, gov, net. ALL EXCEPT ".com" !

THank you <...

 Ghetto Is The Cancer Of The Town?

 have a white count of 47,000 after taking 4 rounds of adramycin and now switched to taxol what would make the?
white count jump so ...

 Lymphatic Cancer?
Once you get cancer of the lymph nodes - what is the usual diagnosis - can a person live out their normal life span?

Thanks - J...

 Is it possible that school could give out cancer cuase of a new ceiling they put !!!!??!?!?!?
our school put a new ceiling and all of a sudden 6 teacher of cancer now...could it be cuase of the ceiling??!?!...

 a heart disease cure would incr. avg life expectancy by 16+ years, while a cancer cure only 1+. Is this true?
I heard/read this once and was wondering if this is true as is doesn't make sense considering all the people that die of cancer....

 How long does it take to get biopsy results?
I had a biopsy on a thyroid nodule yesterday. How long does it take to get back the results?...

 Which case of Cancer do you die from the fastest?

 How can i donate my hair to make a wig for a cancer patient?
I'm doing the Shave For a Cure....

 Having a diagnosis of DCIS then a bilateral mastectomy preformed, what follow up treatment is good or needed?

 i think i have a brain tumor, and im really scared, please read on .?
i've been having headaches for 3 months now, and they're not your average headache. it usually happen in the back of my head, and its really painfull sometimes, then others its just numb. ...

 Where and how can I get metrotexate 5mg injectable?
for HyperCIVAD protocol in linfoma treatment....

 What are the chances of survival of non small cell lung cancer when diagnosed at Stage 3 B?
My mother was diagnosed on March 9th 2007 with stage 3b non small cell lung cancer. She had a PET scan and they found another possible tumor in her neck. The cancer has spead into her lymph nodes ...

 Liver Cancer?
My sister just had a CT scan and was told they found a spot on her liver. Does this mean cancer?...

can sweet and low cause cancer?
i've heard that sweet and low can cause some sort of cancer i was wondering if that was true?

Cancer of the liver. Yeah.

Is it the same as Nutrisweet (say the aspartame)?
Actually, sweet and low's effect on the body is that it makes you craves more carbohydrates and gain additional weight. Also, it affects pancreas. Although a lot of information was given that for people who are predispose for diabetis, they say sweet and low is better than sugar itself. It is not actually true. It gives severe up and down in glycemic (sugar/carbohydrate) effect and then if this always happens, diabetis can occur and worst, any pancreatic disorder. And there is what you call pancreatic cancer. Although it is not yet link conclusively about sweet and low with pancreatic cancer.
Also, there have been research going on regarding the possibility of aspartame crossing the brain barrier and predispose to parkinson's disease. I shall try to do more research for you but I believe you can also do some research if you are very much concern about it.
My suggestion? Go for brown sugar (with very small amout) if you want to add some sweet in your food.
Enjoy! :)

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