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 I just started chemotherapy, why have i broken out in painful acne? and what solutions are there during chemo?
I didn't have acne starting chemo and i just started chemo
The ance is severe and painful. It is all over my face and back and chest.
How come i have'nt seen other people with ...

 My 17 yoa son has a 5cm x 1cm lesion in arm?
it is located in the midshaft of the humerus and MRI says it is "likely" a benign bone tumor(enchondroma). He has had bone pain and shoulder pain for 3-4 months and is also diagnosed with ...

 cancer remission?
what is considered remission for brain cancer?...

 prostate cancer??
Does ayone know of anybody dying because of complications during surgery to remove prostate cancer?? It was caught early....

 can someone convert this for me?
2.5 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm to -------- inches?
this is a mass on my liver i need to understand
what this realy means....

 What is CIN II in relation to HPV virus?

 I hear you can get psychological cancer from peoples bad vibes, its corny I know, but had to ask?

 Liver Cancer surgeon in Northern Calif.?
We have to find a good liver cancer surgeon in Northern California please help. I am diagnosed with liver cancer and have to have the surgery....

 I have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and am looking for any good websites to research it.?
I would like to know the survival rate, alternatives to surgery and radiation. I am also interested in natural cures as I am still breastfeeding....

 Signs of and progression of death from large cell anaplastic lymphoma?
Recurrence of fast-growing lymphoma....no treatment yet due respiratory infection. CHOP chemo planned. See it spreading.....what are signs of impending death, timeline, and progression...either ...

 What is the current status of vccines for brain cancer treatment?

 My friends mum might have cancer, how can I help her?
3 days ago my best friend found out that her mum might have breast cancer, they were in vacation in Bangkok and decided to make it a medical vacation and they went for check up in Samitivej hospital, ...

 Where can I find source of information about cancer and possible I would like to have a free ebook on cancer.?
Need cancer information for research....

 Does Anyone know that quote about "What Cancer Cannot do" in english and spanish?

 is there remedies to ease the pain cancer lymph nodes that have spread all over body other than medicine?

 Is there anybody who has the heart to fight for pancreatic cancer?

 How do I write a research paper?

 Do tumors feel hard to the touch, soft, or both?

 esophageal cancer?
my friend's mom died of esophageal cancer. she died 2 months after she was diagnosed. she wasnt a smoker/drinker. my friend said that there are more women in her family that had it. and her ...

 Is there any program's that help the terminally ill cancer patients & their familys in a financial crisis?
My husband has cancer and is terminally ill. We tried to make ends meet but we still had to file bankruptcy. Now we are trying to get our house refinance,but having no luck because of the bankruptcy. ...

Why is there no information on radiation damage? How could they use this without knowing long term effects?
Treated with 7200 cGy radiation for squamos cell cancer T2 of the vocal cord fifteen years ago. I now suffer from radiation damage to the spine, throat problems, risk of stroke due to hardening arteries in neck and at high risk for reoccuring cancer caused from radiation. I'm suffering from neurological problems and suffer from chronic pain on my left side of my body. Doctors don't know much about the effects of radiation and can only tell me the damage will continue but it's unknown how severe. I'm 32 years old and was diagnosed and treated for cancer at 17.

There is actually, you just have to look for it. There was a study done that I found for you. Yes, I was bored, and yes, I actually read it all. I'm strange that way.
It may answer some of your concerns as to how and why you were treated with radiation therapy.

Hope it helps.



Read my cancer testimonials on my page and blog roll. with the right nutrition the body will repair itself.

My radiologist did such a good job of informing me of the risks that I opted not to undergo radiation. Then I had a recurrence and changed my mind. I have problems with scar tissue, severe pain in my ribs and back and decreased range of motion with my left arm. However, if I had it to do over again I would.

I've given up trying to get any relief from my cancer docs and have gone to pain specialists who have been much more helpful.

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