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 I have a pea sized knot on my lower jawbone and it moves whe i touch it but it dosent hurt, can it be cancer?

 Is curing cancer theoretically possible?
I mean, I want to try to find a cure for it (Aspiring med student)

It's a genetic defect who causes cell overgrowth. What are they thinking when they are trying to create a 'cure&...

 This is a method used to turn a patient with a spinal injury, in which the patient is moved to the side in?

 Could these be linked?please help me?
ive been having bleeding in my stools and my stomache cramps up when i make a bowel movement...im very skinny my doc wants me to gain weight but my lower stomache looks like its five months pregnant ...

 What In The World Would Cause...?
Petechiae with completely normal Platelets and a CBC? I do not take any meds....

 what do these results imply?
I got a biopsy done of a right adnexal lesion. These are the results of the biopsy on paper and i am at a loss as to what it means.....

Right ovary (needle biopsy): sections show disrupted ...

 What are the signs of leukemia?
my parents are worried,
i've been sleeping ALOT
throwing up blood
losing alot of hair
alot of nose bleeds
haven't been eating like i usually did
( i ate ALOT )...

 What are the current treatments for Ovarian Cancer? What future treatments are they working on?
Yes.. this is a homework question.
I'm doing a project in Bio, and I've looked online for the answer and just.. all the health websites and cancer sites use a lot of big words! so, in ...

 Cancer on labia minora.?
I was diagnosed with malignant cancer on my labia minora. It's getting bigger slowly every day but the doctor has no available appointments til march to remove it. Should I go to another doc to ...

 Cancer benefit ideas?
My sister, brother and I are throwing a cancer benefit for my mom this March... does anyone have any good fund raising ideas to help us earn more money.... raffle, bake sale, craft sale, silent ...

 What are the symptoms of bowel cancer?
What are ALL the symptoms of bowel cancer?...

 Could this be Leukaemia?
on the last day or so i feel as if i am weaker, cant clench my fist as well, like it feels when you just wake up. also my joints ache a little and what seems like my bones. i went to the doctor this ...

 What is a transient myeloproliferative disorder? Is it a leukemia? Or just something that looks like leukemia?
What is a transient myeloproliferative disorder? Is it a leukemia? Or just a phenomenon that looks like leukemia and then goes away?...

 cancer + tests + prolong?
i am sure there are many xray scans after detecting cancer on someone.
does it make cancer aggresive at some point?
first it was unaggressive(somewhat tolerable) cancer but now it has ...

 Could my mom have Pancreatic Cancer?
About 5 days ago she noticed a pain in her lower right hand side of her body. She works in the medical career and she thought it was her gall bladder. So she went into the docter and they did an ...

 Any example of kidney cancer alternative treatment?

 Can you get oral cancer off one pack of chew?
Just wondering. Finished my first pack in about a month. Dont plan on buying another one, but just wondering....

 I'm 19 years Old, and I've already had 6 CT Scans, over a dozen xrays, and 5 MRI's.?
Can someone Please be honest and tell me what the chances are for cancer, i'm kind of freaking out....

 clubbing of fingernails?
after a year and a half of elevated white blood cells, body pain, vague flu like feeling, night sweats, pain under rib cage, nausea, occasional vomiting, now my nails are starting to club. my toe ...

 My mom is diagnosed with breast cancer?
So yesterday, the doctors have finally diagnosed my mom with breast cancer. We have been suspecting for over a week now, that it is, so we're not surprised. I'm 16, and I don't really ...

Rusty B.
What is the difference between Ewing's Sarcoma and Osteosarcoma?
I have scoured the internet high and low and cannot find much to distinguish these two bone cancers from one another, yet they are somehow different. Please help!

pecola princepessa
here is some info according to what i read on the ewings sarcoma seems to effect children more then adults there is info about an expert dr on ewings sarcoma http://www.sarcomahelp.org/learning_center/ewings_sarcoma.html
both cancers can spread and effect other parts of the body there is some good info on the link about ewings sarcoma about how it starts etc

Here are two fact sheets on ewing's sarcoma and osteosarcoma that list all of their signs, symptoms and differences:

Hope you find this information helpful:)

Osteosarcomas are more common, the 6th most common in children, and occur when the osteoblasts that cause cell growth divide too quickly. They occur in hard bone, most commonly in the legs or shoulders. Ewings sarcomas are more rare and occur in the soft tissue of bone cells.

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