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 if a chemotherapy is for 12 weeks only,does it mean that the cancer has less spreaded?
my mother is suffering from esophageal cancer and doctors say we cannot do the surgery because aorta is present next to the tumour so they are going to treat it with chemo and radiation...the chemo ...

 could this pain due brain cancer any help?
my proplem
the past 6 or 7 days i feel some pressure in my head and now the pressure in the
back of my head
my doctor said to me stop thinking about somethink that you dont have

 my brother was very ill with cancer, he ended up coming back home my mom and I had to take care of him?
until he passed away. in the mean time. Our step dad that we thought we really knew completely turn his back on my brother while he was on his sick dying bed. It very hard for to let this go.

 How high is the percentage of getting colon cancer if my maternal grandmother died of it in her 50's?

 i have to have a gastroscopy done?
i have to have a gastroscopy done but am afraid of needles what can i ...

 I've been sick for 5 years, why havent my doctors mentioned or checked for Cancer?
I first got sick when I was 16 out of nowhere.
It started off with Nausea, loss of appetite and dizziness.
About a year and a half later the symptoms got less severe.
Then I started ...

 Is smoking marijuana safer than cigarettes?

 Does celery cause cancer?
I had a person tell me that celery awakens some type of cancer inside you're body. Sounded pretty weird and untrue but I'm curious. I like celery and it hasn't done anything to me (...

 Can you donate blood after chemotherapy?
I had a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a blood cancer, but my treatment ended in June.
My counts are still low, so I'm sure I can't donate this year, but can i donate later on in life? L...

 I have a biopsy on a tumor in my shoulder coming up, help please!!?
I have a tumor in my shoulder that I'm getting a biopsy for to check if it's cancer or not. From my understanding, they will make a small incision under my arm pit, just above my rib cage, ...

 Will my doctor help me?
I have a lump (approximately the size of a large grape) between the muscle and my skin. It is located to the rear of my shoulder, near the base of my neck. It is visible when I take my shirt off. <...

 Is there anyway the hospital can see my aunt?
My aunt has a non-cancerous tumor on her ovaries or her uterus....im not sure but it has caused her extreme pain and lack of energy to the point where she cant work and she can barely move. She had ...

 non hodgkins small diffused lymphocytic lymphoma?

 will sutent 50 mg will cure malignant pheochromocytoma?

 How long do you have to wait on the NHS for a mastectomy?
If you dont have cancer, you have gender identity ...

 Do i have Ovarian cysts?
I was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain. A week before this i had my period. The ultrasound that i had said my ovaries were average sized. I had pain in my groin etc. I have lymph gland ...

 I just found out my daughter has cervical cancar. she said she was at stage one in the 80s how bad is she now?

 Can I rule out skin cancer for this mole?
First of all, I feel that the media is doing a great job in educating the public on skin cancer. As a result, I've read a lot about it. I know that melanoma is unlikely for people who have ...

 Good songs for a dog that's about to die, and has gone through cancer?
My 10 year old American Golden Retriever, Starr, is about to die. She got bone cancer about a year ago in the front left leg. We went through chemo therapy, and several medications. Nothing seemed to ...

 What are ways to prevent cancer in general?
I know cancer is almost unavoidable because a lot of foods and our environment cause cancerous cells to be produced and multiply. I just want to know ways to lower my chances of getting it. Any ...

Anonymous Anonymous
So tangerine peels cure cancer?


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