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 Prom/cancer/chemo advise?
this girl i really like is missing out on prom because of her chemo theory they before prom. so i thought i would bring her dinner, movies and music and give her a prom at her house.

i ...

 Question for cancer suffererers?
How many fruit baskets do you get on average per week?...

 How can I fight fatigue during Chemo?
I am so tired, I just want to sleep always. I take vitamin B and drink coffee but nothing helps. Soooo tired!...

 How does poor living lifestyle and poor diet cause cancer?

 Is breast cancer genetic?
My mom had breast cancer, and i was wondering what the chances are that either me or my sister would get it too?...

 is 13 to early to smoke?
i dont smoke but i always wanted to try it but i need a little advise!! ...

 is it possible that we will find a cure for cancer?
it seem's like we NEVER will. or have we already and the person who found the cure has not told a soul....

 Breast cancer is a wonderful cause, but what cause would you like to see more support for?
I would love to get the word out about postpartum mood disorders like PPP. If you had a magic megaphone and you could spread the word about something, what would it be?...

 Could my lump on my pelvis be cancer?
I think im just being paranoid but I want to make sure. I found a very small lump under my skin on my pelvis about 3 weeks ago. I dont think it has grown but it is quite hard. It doesnt hurt or ...

 do you believe there is a cure for cancer that our governments are hiding?
that they are hiding due to the fact that they are making billions off the sick and dying?

I am not saying B17 is the cure, or hash oil, or whatever. But when these things come about, the ...

 will not stop smokin!?
HELP my mom smokes like 3 packs a day and wastes money on dang cigarettes! I am sick of it! She refuses to even TRY nicotine gum or anything. She smokes in teh house all the time and I scold her ...

 should i get the cervial cancer injection that my school is offering?
i have heard a lot about deaths and severe illness as a result of it and was wondering if you knew anything about ...

 everyone says that i'm going to die of lung cancer because of my smoking but i don't care?
could I? If anything is going to kill me its going to be while I'm deployed. I smoke maybe 3 packs a day..more sometimes..I don't care. If I die I die, we all go sometime honestly if ever ...

 Chemo or no Chemo? What would you do?
My daughter was paralyzed after rectal surgery about 3 months ago and has been in the hospital ever since with numerous complications. Two weeks after surgery we were told that cancer was found in a ...

 too much hatred causes cancer?
i dont like others and moreover myself.

can it cause cancer?...

 Do you have a brain tumor?

I cannot fit all the details in here so I have included a link of my question, which is posted on a forum.


 i have symptoms of prostate cancer?
i have two symptoms of prostate cancer they are dribbling after peeing and i need to urinate more often but im 16 should i be worried and go to the doctor?...

 what is it when you have swollen lymph nodes all over the body?
my boyfriend has these lumps which seem to be his lymph nodes all over his body, he has had them for as long as he can remember. They do not hurt except for some around his hip area and one on his ...

 Can Thyroid Cancer kill you?
they think i have it and i dont want it to get removed koz it will be very ...


ℓ♥vε ♔
Oral cancer: how fatal?

Bucky Montana the Banana
It depends... what did you put in your mouth to get cancer from? :(

i think it's either fatal or at least very very very inconvenient.

there is good news though, when thinking of death...

you can go to Heaven. Jesus can save you from an eternity you do not want to live in.

darren w
well fatal as fatal can be,if its not diagnosed in time and treated .

Cancer is a gene defect which cause abnormal cell growth in an organ that offer minimum resistance to the growth. So it is like other cancer. Up to third stage it is not fatal, after third stage 80%fatal.


Dan, version 4.0

Read this fact sheet, it contradicts most of the bad answers given on here.

The same as any other cancer if not treated in time.

Most of these answers are kinda vauge..

Oral cancer is normally very treatable. Along with skin cancer, its one of the few types of cancers you can ussualy see, therefore catching it early hopefully. If it is caught early, then surival rates are very good, over 80% in most cases. If it spreads locallly, it still is quite treatable, but you probably go more like 60-70% surival. If it spreads to distant region, like most cancers its the outlook is not good.

If not caught and treated in time, just like any other form of cancer, it will kill you.

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