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 is it me or does almost everything give people cancer?
just scares? what? i found out today that some designer makeup i use may cause cancer?
what doesnt??? seriously....

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 Nurses! Is this a good idea?
When I was spending a lot of time on the oncology floor of a children's hospital I was amazed and saddened at how these families literally lived in their child's hospital rooms for weeks ...

 Do you know about Dr.Munir Khan who guarantees complete cure of any kind of Cancer. I want to is this good and
Do you know about Dr.Munir Khan who guarantees complete cure of any kind of Cancer. I want to is this good and authentic? This is a herbal preparation. his website is www.cancercurable....

 what are the essential nutrients we can get from apple, can this reduce the risks of cancer?

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Today i went for a flexible sigmoidoscopy due to the fact of having abdominal pains reccurant diahrea and occasional bleeding. They said they found patches of inflammation in my bowel. Then the ...

 How are cancer and mutation related?
I have Biology class and I couldn't find an answer to this question in my book. It talks about both topics but not together and I understand it a little (from the reading; enough to come up with ...

 Pancreatic Cancer Support?
My grandpa (who I was very close to) died from pancreatic cancer about 2 weeks ago. He was told he had cancer in February, went through surgery, and it didn't work, he died on October 6. My ...

 Is there anyone who has beaten cancer or dealing with it now ?
Hi there,

I know this is a very emotional subject so I am trying to be very careful with what I say.

I am planning on writing a fictional story based on cancer in order to ...

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How did it turn out? Was it successful?...

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she is paralyzed below the neck, has already had two major surgeries, and has gone through radiation. she is too depressed to go into yoga or natural healing methods- she has a younger son, but that&#...

 How is a bone marrow transplant performed?

 Blood experts - Advice needed.?
Had a copy of my blood tests back today and they read as follows.

HB 16.4
WBC 8.5
Platelet count - 362.
RBC - 4.85.
Packed cell volume- 49.5%
MCV - 102 - slightley ...

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Hi, I had Hodgkin's lymphoma several years ago, and was told it was a curable type of cancer. How long in remission till I am declared "officially cured?" I can't remember what ...

 I have the beginning stages to cervical cancer. I don't know what to do now.?
I have the beginning stages to cervical cancer. I have been told it can be cured, but I don't have the money or insureance to get it done. I have thought about turning to the american cancer ...

 Has more than one person in your family had pancreatic cancer?
My aunt and my brother both died from pancreatic cancer. I'm curious if other families have suffered multiple attacks of this type of cancer.

I'm entering a study at Johns H...

 Why is Breast Cancer the most widely donated cancer?
Millions of cancers affect everyone. But Breast Cancer stands out from many of them. Everywhere you go, there is a charity for it. I was just curious, why it is the most widely donated cancer. Is it ...

 My friend's mother was just diagnosed w/ breast cancer. Any good ways or facts to console her?
She's extremely upset, and i really don't know enough about cancer to have anything positive to say. I know that i can't be sure she'll survive, so it really doesn't do any ...

 my sister has cancer stage 4 is on oygen does not know who i am she is on high doeses of methadone how long do
i have till she passes does any one have similar family experiences she got diag...5 months ago..they said it was stage 4 and wouldnt do treatment because it was to far advanced.. she was only 49 and ...

 Cure for Cancer? Does everyone think there is one type of Cancer?
I do not understand peoples fascination with the term "cure for cancer". There are over 200 types of cancers so a cure for one would not necessarily cure the other.

Maybe I am a ...

Dee B
Odds of being a bone-marrow match?
I was touched by a local news story about a young woman in a town about an hour from me needing a bone marrow transplant. They are testing potential donors next week, but I got to wondering about the odds of an un-related person being a match. Anyone know?

Good answer, midnight moon!

And good luck to you with your transplant!


dances with unicorns
The odds are low (I don't know the exact numbers), but it IS possible. Regardless of whether you match this person, you will be put in a database of willing volunteers. Even if you don't match this particular person, there's a chance you will match SOMEONE who's just as badly in need. The blood test for you is nothing more than drawing a vial of blood, and you could save a life, so please be tested!

I had a similar experience in college. I got a bloodtest and got put into the computer bank for potential donors. There was another student there that needed a transplant. Over 30,000 students gave blood, and no match was found. For this guy, no match was ever found. Ten years later, I was contacted, and was told I was a possible outside match for a woman, and asked if I was still willing. I told them I was. After more testing, they found that somone else (a 3rd cousin of the woman) was a closer match than me. So, I'm assuming the woman in your question either has no family, or they have already been rejected as donors. They are the most likely candidates. As for looking through the general population, the odds for finding a match are about 1 in 10 million. That was the statistic I heard 5 years ago.

Odds are 1 in 50,000. From a sibling, odds are 1 in 4. If you want to help this person and are not a bone-marrow match, you may be able to donate platelets; bone-marrow transplant recipients usually need platelets, or sometimes even whole blood. You may also be able to "credit" your blood donation to this person to help with her medical costs in case she needs a blood transfusion. Contact your local blood bank.

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